Big Cuttlefish Bone

Big Cuttlefish Bone

Big Cuttlefish Bone

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Big Cuttlefish Bone

The cuttlefish or sepia bone is one of the things that should not be missing in our bird cage or aviaries , the cuttlefish bone is essential so that our birds can sharpen their beaks and also consume calcium, ideal for the formation of the bird and to form the shell of our eggs.

At the time of breeding our female must be at good calcium levels so that her body does not consume the calcium from the blood and thus we have a laying without problems.

When giving the birds the cuttlefish bone we must put several in the cage and control if they consume it, in case we see that our birds do not peck the bone it may be because they are unaware of this food and its benefits for being birds youths.

If this is our case, we must take the cuttlefish bone and scrape off the dust with a knife and pour it into a container to stimulate our birds to try it and like it, and we can also pour a mixture of exotics into another container and mix the powder to the food to trick them a bit and get them used to its taste.

Once this is done you will see how little by little they begin to bite into the bone and it will be common to see our birds pecking at the calcium

This product can be used as a secondary supplement since some studies indicate that its absorption is not complete. It also helps to file the beaks and nails of birds

The cuttlefish bone can be left whole in the terrarium for the turtles to be consumed at will with the additional bonus that it helps to smooth the beak preventing excessive growth.

It can also be pulverized to apply it on the food.

Its composition refers to 80 to 85% calcium carbonate with traces of calcium phosphate and 15% traces of microelements.

Approximate Measurements: 28 x 9cm

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1 Question(s) answered

  • Asked by Juan Carlos
    on 01/27/2022
    Bom dia Por favor informar se este osso choco tem comprimento total de 28cm ??? CUMPTS Juan Carlos Answer:
    Buenos días, los huesos de jibia vienen a granel y tienen una longitud de 27-31cm, un saludo
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Big Cuttlefish Bone

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