Jaula Hagen Vision M02
  • Jaula Hagen Vision M02

Cage Hagen Vision M02

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Cage Hagen Vision M02

Vision Cage model M02 recommended for Cage recommended for Canaries, Finches, Parakeets and Nymphs..

Thanks to its distinctive and modern design, VISION will change the current perspectives of people who have birds and change those of those who wish to have them. Thanks to the special advantages of this new type of space, no other aviary on the market will be able to compare to VISION. Vision Cages are available in single cage and high cage models.

Everyone knows that birds are excellent companions, but they are also quite disorganized. Their movements cause air currents that in the case of most standard cages cause waste, feathers and seeds to fall scattered around our cage.

The VISION cage has been specially designed to keep up to 80% of the waste produced by birds inside the cabin, thus considerably reducing cleaning time and allowing us to enjoy our pet more.

Innovations in environments for birds.
Most of the cages on the market are equipped with a pull-out drawer. One of the drawbacks of the removable drawer is that it is usually smaller than the cage tray, resulting in bird waste in it, forcing us to disassemble the cage to clean both the tray and the drawer. A dirty and uncomfortable process that takes up too much time.

With the vision cages we have eliminated the drawer. The "drawerless" cage design makes cleanup simple: simply detach the tray from the cage and empty its contents into the waste container.

Simple and easy pressure mounting.
No screws, hooks or tools needed.

1. Single Tray = Less Clutter.
A combination of the litter catcher, deep tray and seed/water cup placement helps keep litter (up to 80%) inside the cage.

2 & 3. Deep tray design and Easy cleaning.
The tray adapts to different types of hygienic material. Raised rims on the inside of the pan allow air circulation and help prevent mold and mildew.
Vision's "drawerless" design makes cleaning simple. The tray detaches from the cage and allows for quick and easy maintenance.

4 & 5. Outside access to seed/water cup.
It allows access without interference and reduces the stress of the bird during maintenance.
Dual compartments allow for different feeding options. It can be used for both food and water.

6. Non-slip hangers.
They facilitate circulation and prevent leg problems. Access to the perches from the outside: reduces the stress of the bird during maintenance.

7. Double front doors.
They open inwards at a 90º angle and allow different positions.

The Vision L01 cage Includes:
2 Terracotta Seed/Water Cups | 2 Debris Shields | 2 terracotta hangers
Cage recommended for Canaries, Finches, Parakeets and Nymphs.

Measurements: 61 x 38 x 87.5cm
Wire thickness:
1.6mm | Upright : 2.6mm
Distance between wires: 12.3mm (center to center)

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Cage Hagen Vision M02

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