Ceramic Lamp for Reptiles

Lampara Cerámica para Reptiles 100w
  • Lampara Cerámica para Reptiles 100w

Ceramic Lamp for Reptiles


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Ceramic Lamp for Reptiles

Ceramic Lamp for Reptiles This lamp is the most efficient heating element on the market for reptiles.

In nature, animals are used to receiving warmth from above. This heat can also heat rocks, pebbles or other decorations in the nursery and act by reflection.

The infrared heat waves emitted by this lamp effectively and evenly supply reptiles with heat.

Increases the temperature of the circulating air in the terrarium. Infrared heat penetrates through the scales and skin tissues of the pet, benefiting its health and well-being as it dilates the veins and arteries and increases blood flow.


99% efficiency in heat propagation

Emits natural infrared heat similar to solar radiation

Does not emit light, does not disturb normal day and night cycles

Element made of resistant ceramic, suitable for humid environments

Available powers: 60W, 100W lamp

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Ceramic Lamp for Reptiles

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