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Dog Trainer Clicker


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Clicker Training


Pets... it's time to learn without punishment!

From now on you will be able to indicate to your dog the precise moment in which you want to reward him, thereby accelerating his learning. Every time he does something right, a "click" will sound from inside a plastic box, and you will give him a reward. No force or leash pulls


Can you imagine that a simple box, with a sheet inside, can be an effective training tool for your puppy?... Try to believe it, because it is already on the market: the new "Clicker Training" modality.

It is a small plastic box that has a button, which when pressed emits a sound, just a "click", which is accompanied by a prize. The idea is that it works as a good learning method, without having to abuse your pet.

That sound will be perceived by the puppy every time it performs a function correctly. For the same reason, to associate the sound with the action well done, the dog must be rewarded, so that he knows that he is carrying out the task correctly.

And of course, if you don't do it right, there will be no "click", nor less reward. In a nutshell, the classic "Pavlov" method. It was the Russian scientist Iván Pavlov who proved that dogs - just like humans, on certain occasions - react by associating some sound to a specific event. For example, if the dog, when given the food, rings a bell, after several times that has happened, only the bell rings... and the dog will believe that he will receive his food.

Learn more about the Clicker

The Clicker method is very new in our country. It comes from the United States, where it has been used for a few years now. There is no pre-established age to start using the clicker with your puppy. Of course: the younger the dog (1 or 2 months), the sooner it will begin to associate the "click" with work. In any case, this tool is effective for dogs of any age, so it can even be used with an adult dog.

Why is it an effective method?... Because the dog, when doing a task correctly, always perceives the same sound, whether it is done by the same person or not.


What happens is that if, on the contrary, the dog performs a correct task and we call, pet and reward it, each time we carry out this process, the voice will vary (lower, louder, etc.), the petting will never be the same and, therefore, your pet may end up somewhat disoriented.

The Clicker is based on the whistle, and does not seek to force the dog to perform a task for any reason. If the puppy does the right thing, there will only be a click and a reward. First of all, the reward must be chosen, which can be, for example, some pieces of meat. These are placed near the person who is training it, without the puppy being able to reach it. Then, the click is made, and a piece of meat is given.

The above should not be done more than four times a day, and it must be done from different places, where the dog has no distractions. With this exercise, the little animal will associate the sound with the reward. You will be surprised how in a very short time you will get great results.


Perfecto este clicker de adiestramiento

Perfecto este clicker de adiestramiento, Justo lo que buscaba a un precio perfecto, compre también el libro de cómo utilizarlo y unos video que vi en youtube, lo recomiendo


Comentario de Antonio San Jose Dominguez

Buen clicker, con un precio excelente, merece la pena, a mi me ha servido de mucha ayuda para enseñar a mi bulldog a hacer sus cosas fuera.


Comentario de Maria Pascual Gonzalez

Yo lo cogi pq ya hice el entrenamiento con clicker, sino necesitas el libro o ir a un adiestrador.
Ahora no tengo problemas pq uno tengo en casa y otro en el bolso, siempre a mano!!!
Un clicker sin más.

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Dog Trainer Clicker

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