Voogle Aquarium Conditioner

Acondicionador para Acuarios Voogle
  • Acondicionador para Acuarios Voogle
  • Acondicionador para Acuarios Voogle

Voogle Aquarium Conditioner

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Voogle Aquarium Conditioner 250ml.

Product to treat diseases of both freshwater and saltwater aquarium fish . It is just as effective as antibiotics but does not have the drawbacks of these.

It does not generate resistance by bacteria to it as it happens with antibiotics. Its action is based on reinforcing the immune system of the fish so that they can effectively combat pathogens.

This product ensures that the fish's immune system does not produce cortisol so that its immune system does not lose its effectiveness.


Especially indicated to prevent and combat fish diseases in or on the mucous membranes.

bacterial infections

Columnaris ( cotton disease )

Ichthyophthirius multidiliis ( freshwater white spot disease)

Regular use of Voogle ensures that aquariums contain fewer pathogens , increasing the quality of life for your fish.

It does not harm snails, plants or the biological filter, it does not have adverse effects on pH, KH or GH, this product breaks down naturally, it is not necessary to renew the water each time it is used.

As it is not an antibiotic , we do not run the risk of harming the rest of the inhabitants of the aquarium since resistance to them is created by bacteria.

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Voogle Aquarium Conditioner

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