Easy Line Reverse Osmosis for Aquariums

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Easy Line Ósmosis Inversa para Acuarios
  • Easy Line Ósmosis Inversa para Acuarios
  • Easy Line Ósmosis Inversa para Acuarios

Easy Line Reverse Osmosis for Aquariums


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With the Easy Line reverse osmosis unit you can remove inorganic and organic substances, dissolved in tap water in a percentage of approximately 95 / 98% without the addition of chemical substances.

In this way, the overfertilization of the water is prevented in the aquarium. The rate of growth of diatoms and other microalgae is reduced. Pesticide residues and other toxic substances will not contaminate the aquarium water.


rejection ratio
The membrane rejection rate for high level of salt and organics varies between 95 and 98%. The water can be used in several areas:

in saltwater aquariums
For the preparation of salt water,
For the preparation of "Kalkwasser" or calcium-enriched water,
For the filling of evaporated water.

in freshwater aquariums
Pure, for the growth of soft water fish (Discus, etc.)
Hydrocarbonate hardened in all fresh water tanks,
Pure for the filling of evaporated water.

In houses
For the preparation of food and drinks,
For clothes irons and car batteries,
For house plants, especially orchids, bromeliads and cacti.

In laboratories and industries
Everywhere, where hitherto distilled or deiodized water had been used and a
conductivity of 20 - 50 µS/cm is accepted.


Prefilter. If the tap water is not grossly contaminated, an annual replacement of both pre-filters will suffice. If the water is highly polluted, the filters have to be changed more often. If the pre-filter is blocked, the water production will slow down.
Membrane. The membrane has a half-life of approx. 3-6 years. Afterwards, it must be replaced.

Technical data

Sediment pre-filter, 10? 5 µm pore size,
Activated carbon pre-filter, 10?
Reverse osmosis module, with a first class synthetic membrane (Polyamide/Polysulfon, TFC)
Reverse Osmosis Units.. Liter/Day
Easy Line 90: 75 - 90 l
Easy Line 300: 150 - 300 l
Flow restrictor. In this valve, the filtration/concentration ratio is set to 1:4
Tap water connection with pressure tube.


Exploded view

1 sediment filter
2 water inlet
3 Active carbon filter (only standard 30/90/150)
4 Reverse osmosis module
5 Pure water outlet
6 Superfluous water outlet with flow limiter
7. Module housing plate

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Easy Line Reverse Osmosis for Aquariums

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