Eheim ReeflexUv UV Sterilizer

Eheim ReeflexUv UV Sterilizer

Eheim ReeflexUv UV Sterilizer

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EHEIM reeflex UV reduces microorganisms in the water and removes turbidity in water better than ever.

Eheim Reeflex is a UV sterilizer with novel technique and more effect and less energy consumption.

Eheim ReeflexUV is another typical EHEIM innovation: due to a built-in radiation reflector, the killing of microorganisms by UV-C is significantly increased. And while in conventional UV sterilizers the water is directed in the same direction towards the UV-C bulb, in the EHEIM reeflexUV it takes the direct path of the water. Therefore there is no performance loss. It needs less energy. And the level of effectiveness is 1.8 times higher.

ReeflexUV should only be used in support of the filter, in order to reduce small organisms (microorganisms, algae spores, etc.) in the aquarium.

Three models to choose from, according to liters of aquariums:

ReeflexUV 350L with 7W bulb , for aquariums from 80 to 350L

ReeflexUV 500L with 9W bulb , for aquariums from 300 to 500L

ReeflexUV 800L with 11W bulb , for aquariums from 450 to 800L

You can find spare bulbs on our website.

Benefits of the EHEIM reeflexUV:

- Quickly and effectively reduces microorganisms in the water.
- Eliminates turbidity caused by algae or bacteria.
- Incorporates an internal mirror-like aluminum coating, which reflects UV-C light and guarantees efficient additional sterilization
- Excellent results with low energy consumption (1.8 times more effective than conventional UV-sterilizers).
- There is no loss of performance, since the water is not redirected using a special design.
Also ideal for breeder tanks, it reduces the risk of infection.
- Adjunct cleaning bacteria are retained in the filter, because only floating organisms are captured.
- Simple and safe maintenance and cleaning.
- Automatic safety cut-off when changing the lamp: AUTO-OFF.
- Simple fixation on or on the cabinet or on the side of the tank.

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2 Question(s) answered

  • Asked by Ana
    on 06/26/2018
    Cuanto tiempo debe estar encendido al día? Mi acuario es de 500L Answer:
    Estimad@ cliente, Le adjuntamos la siguiente regla El tiempo de funcionamiento de nuestro esterilizador estará de acuerdo a la capacidad de esterilización de éste y de los litros que tenga nuestro acuario. Así pues podremos tener situaciones en las que con unas cuantas horas al día de funcionamiento será suficiente. Por ejemplo si queremos eliminar la práctica totalidad de microorganismos con un esterilizador de 15 watios y el caudal óptimo especificado por el fabricante es de 200 litros por hora y tenemos un tanque de 400 litros una fórmula aproximada a utilizar sería la siguiente: horas_funcionamiento = 8*capacidad_tanque/caudal=8*400/200=16 horas para eliminar el 90% de las bacterias y microorganismos y un 30% de las algas. Dpto. Ecommerce
  • Asked by a guest
    on 05/24/2021
    Vale para manguera 16/22 Answer:
    Buenas tardes, si le vale para una manguera de 16/22, un saludo
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Eheim ReeflexUv UV Sterilizer

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