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Farmina Natural & Delicious Low Grain Puppy Medium Maxi Chicken

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With Ancestral Grain Puppy Medium & Maxi Farmina N&D Chicken and Pomegranate Croquettes, you will pamper your cuddly puppy with a tasty meal that contributes to healthy growth!

Its composition was created in collaboration with the Faculty of Nutrition and Animal Feeding of the University of Naples and is inspired by the model of nature, as well as being oriented to the specific nutritional needs of puppies of medium and large breeds in the growth phase.

This premium food is made up of 60% high-quality animal components, 20% fruits and vegetables rich in precious vitamins and minerals, and 20% genuine ancient grains such as spelled and oats.

A composition that exactly meets the needs of your little meat glutton, offering him a balanced meal perfect for the first months of life.

With a high caloric intake and a wide variety of vital substances, Farmina N&D Ancestral Grain claims to promote the healthy growth and development of your puppy.

Chicken (over 40%) and fresh herring make it a tasty and high-protein food, while prebiotics with a regulating effect on the intestine support balanced digestion.

In addition, the varied mix of fruits, vegetables and plant extracts of pomegranate (0.5%), spinach, sweet orange, blueberry, turmeric root and aloe vera provides the welfare of the animal, which will grow optimally and with a strong system. immune.

All the characteristics of Farmina N&D Ancestral Grain Puppy Medium & Maxi Chicken and Pomegranate:

Complete premium quality food for puppies of medium and large breeds, pregnant or lactating females.

promotes healthy growth: the nutrient content meets the needs of puppies in the growth phase, for optimal development of muscles, bones, organs and vital functions

scientifically developed recipe following the model of nature: in collaboration with the Faculty of Nutrition and Animal Nutrition of the University of Naples

60% animal components, 90% animal protein: overall high protein content, derived from 90% valuable animal sources, ideal for meat-loving dogs

20% fruit, vegetable, plant and mineral extracts: a combination of precious natural components rich in vital substances

20% ancestral cereals: in small quantities, corresponding to the natural nutritional needs of the dog.

low glycemic index: spelled and oats slowly release energy sources. Sugar is not readily available, but is broken down throughout the day, so energy is released in a modular fashion.

over 40% chicken and herring: high-quality animal protein sources with high biological value, with 20% fresh deboned chicken

with MOS, FOS and psyllium: prebiotics and fibers that regulate the gastrointestinal flora and promote optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients

Long-lasting vitamins: essential vitamins are integrated "cold" to maintain a longer shelf life

variety of plants and vitamins: a varied mix of vegetables, fruits and plant extracts from pomegranate (0.5%), spinach, sweet orange, blueberry, turmeric, aloe vera, rosemary, etc.

with lutein: can promote good vision

Chondroitin and glucosamine: promote joint health.

for skin health and hair shine: thanks to the high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids derived from fish oil

natural antioxidants: with extracts rich in tocopherol, which allow natural conservation

not tested on animals and free of GMOs and artificial preservatives

Packaging in protective atmosphere: to store naturally by means of nitrogen

safe origin: premium Italian manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience in the animal feed sector.


Main ingredients

Boneless fresh chicken (20%), dehydrated chicken meat (20%), spelt (10%), oats (10%), chicken fat, dried whole eggs, fresh herring, dehydrated herring, dried beet pulp, fish ( herring), vegetable fiber from peas, dried carrots, dried alfalfa flour, chicken cartilage (source of glucosamine and chondroitin), inulin, fructoligosaccharides, yeast extract (source of mannan oligosaccharides), dried pomegranate (0.5%), apple dried spinach, dried spinach, psyllium (0.3%), dried sweet orange, dried cranberries, sodium chloride, dried brewer's yeast, turmeric root (0.2%).


Vitamin A 16,000 KIU/KG Vitamin D3 1,600 IU/kg Vitamin E 600 IU/kg

Selenium 0.40 mg/kg Choline Chloride mg/kg Copper 88 mg/kg

Vitamin B1 4.8mg/kg Vitamin B2 8mg/kg

Vitamin B6 6.4 mg/kg Folic Acid 0.48 mg/kg

Vitamin C 160 mg/kg Zinc 910 mg/kg Iron 250 mg/kg

Niacin 40 mg/kg Pantothenic acid 16 mg/kg Vitamin H 0.40 mg/kg

Vitamin B12 0.1 mg/kg Choline Chloride 2,800 mg/kg Beta Carotene 1.5 mg/kg

Manganese 380 mg/kg DL-Methionine 6,000 mg/kg Taurine 1,000 mg/kg

L-Carnitine 300mg /kg

Tamaño de la raza
Grande (25-45kg)
Opciones Nutricionales
Low grain, Natural
Ingredientes Principales

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Farmina Natural & Delicious Low Grain Puppy Medium Maxi Chicken

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