Feliway Refill, Stress Management

Feliway Refill, Stress Management

Feliway Refill, Stress Management


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Feliway Refill, Stress Management

 Feliway Stress Control Refill

Prevents and controls marking and behavior problems in cats.

When cats feel safe in their environment, they rub their heads, leaving surfaces impregnated with a substance called a facial pheromone, which allows them to identify that environment as familiar. When the cat changes its environment or if it is startled, it enters a stress situation that can cause behaviors such as urinary marking, vertical scratching or other signs of restlessness.

This product has a composition that mimics the facial pheromone produced naturally by the cat, that is, it reproduces the properties of this substance, thus helping to stabilize the cat's behavior and thus creating a state of well-being, eliminating the stress that it could have .

The product is especially indicated to control behavioral changes in cats, such as :
urinary marking.
Vertical scratches.
loss of appetite
Loss of desire to play and interact.

Stabilizes the cat's behavior in situations such as:
Address changes.
Visits to the vet and returns home after hospitalizations.
Changes in furniture placement.
Adaptation of the cat to new environments, by adoption or displacement.

The diffuser is designed for continuous use, and in this way it lasts approximately 4 weeks. Although after this time there is still liquid, after 6 weeks it should be changed.

The duration of treatment should be adjusted to the indications that your veterinarian sees fit.

The diffuser cannot be covered or placed under or behind furniture.

It comes in a container with an electric diffuser and a 48ml vial.

The use of this product must be supervised by your regular veterinarian. If you have any questions, please contact him or us at our [email protected] section.

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Feliway Refill, Stress Management

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