Niagara Backpack Filter

Niagara Backpack Filter

Niagara Backpack Filter


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Niagara Backpack Filter

Filter to hang, its pump is extremely quiet, it fishes the water from the aquarium to purify it inside the external container of the niagara.

The clean water returns to the fish tank with a waterfall, oxygenating itself in an optimal way.

The practical internal cartridges are easily replaceable.

The mechanical and chemical filtration is carried out from the filter/carbon cartridge, while the biological filtration from the black sponge. to increase the biological capacity it is possible to replace the black sponge with glax stone or glax ring mini.

Ideal filter for freshwater and marine aquariums.

Niagara filters are small external aquarium filters that feature three stages of filtration. They are part of the Italian line of Wave aquarium products.

These filters are hung from the edge of the aquarium, leaving the body on the outside of it as a backpack. Thus they do not take up space inside the fish tank and are perfect for small aquariums. The extremely quiet pump takes water from the aquarium and sends it to the tank. There it goes through all the filtration stages and then returns purified through a cascade system, optimally oxygenating itself.

The filter has replaceable cartridges that contain the filter load. Filtering is carried out by a sponge that retains large particles, a load of activated carbon that eliminates substances dissolved in the water and give it a bad smell or color it. Medications and other chemicals are also removed. The biological filter is formed in the black sponge, where colonies of beneficial bacteria settle, which are responsible for transforming nitrites and ammonia into nitrates, which are much less toxic to fish and aquarium plants. If you want to increase the biological capacity, you can replace this sponge with ceramic rings, GlaX ring mini (not included), which offer a larger surface for bacteria.


Low consumption filter.

Little or no noise except for the days before cleaning.

By having a flow regulator, you can put one force or another of the water according to the interests of the moment.

Cleaning very easy to carry out, since by lifting the lid, we can extract the filtering materials without difficulty.

Niagara Backpack Filter

They do not take up space inside the fish tank and are perfect for small aquariums

Too quiet.

Cascade system that allows optimal oxygenation.

Technical data on each model:


For aquariums from (manufacturer says from 10L to 47L)

Pump performance 190 L/h

Pumping height (max. H)

Filter volume 0.5L approx

Power consumption 3W

Cup volume 0.5L approx

Measurements (height x width x depth. in mm) 110 x 90 x 55mm (data of the part that protrudes from the aquarium)


For aquariums (up to 75 L)

Pump performance 300 L/h

Power consumption 3.8W

Measurements (height x width x depth. in mm) 160 x 150 x 105 mm (data of the product itself)

Ideal filter to hang in freshwater and marine aquariums.

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3 Question(s) answered

  • Asked by Arturo Muñoz Rojano
    on 01/09/2018
    Me gustaría saber cómo se regula el caudal del filtro he probado y no consigo dar con la tecla. Gracias. Saludos Answer:
    Estimad@ cliente, La regulación del caudal se realiza con la pestaña redonda que existe en la parte superior del filtro, al girarla saldrá más o menos agua. Un saludo. Dpto. Ecommerce
  • Asked by a guest
    on 11/13/2019
    No funciona, es decir, al instalarlo y enchufarlo no filtra, no sé si es por un error de fabricación o por alguna otra razón ¿ Podrían ayudarme por favor? Answer:
    Buenos días, así sin saber mas de como lo ha instalado no podemos ayudarle mas, si lo desea puede enviarnos un email a indicando un numero de teléfono y el problema que tiene para que un compañero le contacte para intentar darle una solución, un saludo
  • Asked by Miguel Angel
    on 11/23/2021
    Buenas tardes, quisiera saber para acuarios de hasta cuantos litros funciona correctamente. Answer:
    Buenos días, estos filtros son para acuarios pequeños entre 60-80 litros, un saludo
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Niagara Backpack Filter

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