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JBL Filtro Exterior CristalProfi Greenline e902
  • JBL Filtro Exterior CristalProfi Greenline e902
  • JBL Filtro Exterior CristalProfi Greenline e902
  • JBL Filtro Exterior CristalProfi Greenline e902

JBL External Filter CristalProfi Greenline e902

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This external filter for freshwater aquariums has a closed water circuit system for aquariums from 90-300 liters (80-120 cm)

The remains of plants and food, as well as the fish's own waste, deteriorate the quality of the aquarium water. To achieve clean and crystal clear water suitable for fish and plants, it is necessary to install a filtering system.

Filters suck up aquarium water, removing dirt and debris from the water, providing an ideal habitat for harmful substance-degrading bacteria.

It comes fully equipped and ready to connect , includes a quick start kit as well as non-vacuum filter activation for easy installation. The filter masses are included in the kit.

If the pre-filter is properly maintained, only the rest of the filter will need to be cleaned from time to time. This filter allows a high biological efficiency of the filter through several filter layers. The biological filter balls it contains are of different diameters, which enhances the cleaning effect.

With an electrical consumption of only 11 W, the CristalProfi e902 filter saves a lot of energy. This filter maintains the same effective water circulation while consuming 31% less current than previous similar models.

The patented fitting connection system with safety valve prevents water leaks when the filter is uncoupled.
What is innovative compared to the JBL CristalProfi e 901 is its completely new and more efficient upper filter basket design, instead of using smaller outer pre -filter mats in the filter basket, the pre-filter now consists of of a double size continuous filter mat. This means that the filter does not clog as easily even when there is a lot of dirt, and the pre-filters do not need to be cleaned as often.


For freshwater aquariums with fish and plants

external filter

Silent operation

easy to assemble

easy maintenance

It has a prefilter

Rotatable valves 360ºC


Power, 900l/h

Intensity, 11W

Weight, 5250g

Measurements, 240/410/285mm

For freshwater aquariums


Flexible and rigid tubes 12/16, strainer, elbow, suction cups, filter masses (biological filter balls and biological filter foam)


filtro jbl

Muy buen filtro a muy buen precio. Muy silencioso

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JBL External Filter CristalProfi Greenline e902

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