Beaphar Nature Guinea Pig Food

Beaphar Nature Guinea Pig Food

Beaphar Nature Guinea Pig Food

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Beaphar Nature for Guinea Pig is a very healthy and tasty Super Premium food that contains up to 30 different herbs and pastures, all of them natural and selected.

Beaphar Nature is a 100% grain-free food and contains a high percentage of fiber in order to reflect the natural diet of rabbits in the wild, for optimal well-being and healthy digestion.

Beaphar Nature guinea pigs is a new concept of food for rodents, combining the food in a compact form (pellet). This ensures that your rabbit receives a complete and balanced diet without losing food.

The heart-shaped pellet is unique, it has a coarse fibrous structure that encourages natural and beneficial wear of the teeth, thus improving the function of the hay.Timothy dental is the main component of Beaphar Nature Foods (49%), which is high in fiber and contributes to bladder health due to the natural balance of calcium and phosphorus

Beaphar Nature Guinea Pig also contains 30 different herbs and grasses from untreated meadows that supply a variety of ingredients, including Inulin, a prebiotic that helps optimize intestinal function and support the immune system, and Yucca Shidigera, which helps reduce the odor of stool.

Beaphar Nature is a super premium food for small mammals without grains and with the ideal fiber-starch ratio

How to change the diet of the guinea pig?

When changing a guinea pig's diet, it's important to make the change gradually. Mix a little of its daily food with Beaphar Nature Rabbit, gradually increasing the amount offered every day until Beaphar Nature completely replaces the original food.

The recommended amount of Beaphar Nature Guinea Pig depends on the weight of your rabbit and should preferably be divided over two meals per day.

The special CORTECH® process provides the unique Beaphar Nature Cors heart-shaped pellets. These guarantee a complete and balanced diet avoiding selective feeding and waste. The shape of the pellet in combination with the raw fiber structure takes care of tooth wear, the dental function of Beaphar Nature. Nature Cors are free of artificial colors, preservatives and flavors. It is a natural food, so it provides optimal nutrition for your pet.

Ideal ratio between crude fiber and starch 7:1
With 30 aromatic plants and herbs from wild meadows
Based on Timothy hay (49%), Rich in Vitamin C (Guinea pigs do not synthesize this vitamin by themselves).

Composition: By-products of vegetable origin (Timothy hay 49%, Herbal hay 10%, Chicory 5%, Inulin 0.2%, Yucca Schidigera 0.05%, Grape seed extract 0.01%), Seeds, Protein extract vegetable, Fruits (apple 5%), Minerals, Algae (Spirulina Powder 0.01%).

Analytical components: Crude protein 17%, Crude fiber 23%, Crude oils and fats 3.3%, Crude ash 8.4%, Ca 0.8%, P 0.49%, Na 0.5%, Mg 0.12%, K 1.4%.

Dosage: Approx. 50 g per kg of body weight. Preferably divided into two meals. Fresh water should be supplied daily and fresh hay should be left freely available to the animal.

100% Grain Free: Ideal ratio between crude fiber and starch which guarantees optimal functioning of the digestive system.

Canadian Timothy hay: It is the main component. The high content of crude fiber stimulates intestinal transit and the contribution of calcium and phosphorus helps the growth and development of your pet.

Herbal hay (NaturFit30): With 30 different aromatic plants and herbs from wild meadows, this food contains a wide variety of ingredients and nutrients.

Inulin: It is a natural prebiotic that favors the growth of intestinal bacteria, ensuring a healthy intestinal flora.

Yucca Schidigera: It is a plant extract that is added to reduce fecal odors.

Apple, chicory and oregano: Make Beaphar Nature airresistibly tasty food.

• Foxtail: used for biliary disorders, irritations and dermatitis.
• Margallo: it is used as antidiarrheal, astringent and nutritious
• Plantain minor: it has anti-inflammatory properties, it is used for otitis
• Medium plantain: it is diuretic, expectorant, emollient and healing
• Yarrow: very useful against bloodshed and against recent sores
• Caraway: acts as a prokinetic, stimulating intestinal transit. It also decreases the formation of intestinal gases
• Agrimony: It has astringent and decongestant properties of the digestive system and the liver and kidneys.
• Potentilla: used in the treatment of diarrhea
• Meadow sage: helps healing

Beaphar Nature is a super premium food for small mammals without grains and with the ideal fiber-starch ratio . The high fiber content is essential to maintain healthy microflora because it stimulates intestinal motility. Low fiber content can lead to reduced feed intake and growth problems in young rabbits or guinea pigs. High-starch diets are not fully digested in the small intestine and can result in bloating and diarrhea.

With this information, our goal was a high-fiber, low-starch diet. Fiber comes from hay and starch from cereals. Because Beaphar Nature contains a lot of hay and does not contain grains, we can say that we have an optimal ratio of crude fiber: starch. In addition, it has 30 varieties of natural herbs and sun-dried aromatic plants that these animals could find in their natural habitat.

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Beaphar Nature Guinea Pig Food

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