Frontline Tri-Act Pipettes For Dogs from 20kg to 40kg

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Frontline Tri-Act Pipetas Para Perros de 20kg a 40kg
  • Frontline Tri-Act Pipetas Para Perros de 20kg a 40kg

Frontline Tri-Act Pipettes For Dogs from 20kg to 40kg


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Frontline Tri-Act Pipettes For Dogs from 20kg to 40kg

FRONTLINE TRI-ACT is a triple action external antiparasitic (Repels, Eliminates and Protects), Its active ingredients are fipronil and permethrin . Its presentation in easy-to-use spot-on pipettes. Effectively against 5 groups of ectoparasites of dogs : sandflies, mosquitoes and stable flies, fleas and ticks.

Frontline Tri-act will protect your dog from fleas, ticks and has a long-lasting repellent action against sandflies, mosquitoes, stable flies and ticks.


Frontline Tri-act is suitable for puppies from 8 weeks and from 2 kg of weight . In case of pregnancy or lactation, the suitability of its use should be evaluated by a veterinarian who assesses the possible risks for females.

Frontline Tri-act is indicated only for dogs . DO NOT USE in cats and rabbits.

Fipronil is the main active ingredient in the FRONTLINE range of products . It is an insecticide/miticide substance that is characterized by its rapid action, an excellent safety profile and long-lasting effects.

Permethrin is a substance that belongs to the class of type 1 pyrethroids. It is an insecticide and acaricide that exerts a repellent action against sandflies, mosquitoes and ticks.

Monthly use of FRONTLINE TRI-ACT will help protect your dog in areas with a high risk of diseases spread by sandflies (leishmaniosis), mosquitoes (filariosis), ticks (babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis, Lyme disease) and fleas ( rickettsiosis, bartonellosis, dipylidiosis).

Persistent efficacy of 99% against fleas for 4 weeks , even under conditions of exposure to water (2 or 3 immersions) or 1 shampoo bath.

Persistent speed of action in the elimination of fleas for 4 weeks . Rapid efficacy, with >95% efficacy within the first hour for the first week and greater than 99% efficacy within the first 6 hours for 4 weeks.

FRONTLINE TRI-ACT is effective against sandflies, mosquitoes and stable flies.

Repellent efficacy against vectors of Leishmaniasis, Dirofilariosis and against stable flies:

? Sandflies (Phlebotomus perniciosus): >90% repellency for 3 weeks and >80% for 5 weeks.

? Mosquitoes (Culex pipiens): ?90.4% over 4 weeks

? Stable flies (Stomoxys calcitrans): >88.6% over 5 weeks

Persistent insecticide efficacy against:

? Sandflies for 3 weeks (Phlebotomus perniciosus)

? Stable flies for 5 weeks (Stomoxys calcitrans)


For the effectiveness of FRONTLINE TRI-ACT spot-on solution to be optimal, it is important to apply the product correctly.

The content of the pipette should be applied directly to the dog's skin at two different points: the base of the neck and at the height of the withers (between the shoulder blades).

The animal may have been bathed a few days before, but for optimum diffusion of the medication, the dog's skin must be dry when the product is applied.

Step 1: Hold the pipette upright and cut off the tip with scissors.

Step 2: Part the hair located at the base of the dog's neck.

Step 3: Place the newly opened pipette directly on the skin and squeeze several times to apply almost half of the product.

Step 4: Repeat the same operation at the withers (between the shoulder blades) until the pipette is completely empty.


fipronil 270.4 mg and permethrin 2019.2 mg


Pipietas antiparasitarias de buena calidad

Aun no las hemos probado. Siempre han estado llevando collar. Pero este año me decanto por las pipetas.A ver que tal efectividad tienen.Debe ser que bien porque las usan muchos perros.


Las más completas

Compré estas pipetas porque veraneamos en la costa mediterránea. Allí hay un mosquito en particular que lo llaman el mosquito del corazón. Estas fueron las únicas pipetas que encontré que protegían de ese mosquito y el de la leishmaniasis. Tienen buen precio y la cobertura más completa. Ahora a ver qué tal le funciona, ya que lleva sólo una semana con ella puesta.



Muy buenas pipetas y muy eficaces contra todos los bichos. Muy buen precio.

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Frontline Tri-Act Pipettes For Dogs from 20kg to 40kg

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