Frontline Antiparasitic Spray Dogs and Cats

Frontline Spray Antiparasitarios Perros y Gatos
  • Frontline Spray Antiparasitarios Perros y Gatos

Frontline Antiparasitic Spray Dogs and Cats


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Frontline Antiparasitic Spray Dogs and Cats

Frontline Flea and Lice Control Spray for approximately 40 days . Its use is recommended as complementary therapy in case of Allergic Dermatitis due to fleas.

Frontline is a leading product in the prevention and treatment of ectoparasitic infestations in dogs and cats (fleas, ticks and sucking lice) .

Very safe product for the animal, for the owner and for the environment because the mechanism of action of the drug is specific for the parasite and not for other species.

The fundamental benefit and value of this product is its high security.
Frontline gives the hair a shiny appearance.

Frontline is not going for blood. It specifically attacks the central nervous system of fleas and ticks. It cannot act in the same way in the pet, which explains its excellent tolerance, therefore it is safe for it, for the owners and for the environment.

It lasts so long due to the characteristics of the molecule that persists for a long time on treated hair. By fixing on the hair, Frontline transforms the dog or cat into a real trap for fleas and ticks. Frontline is the only one that offers long-term protection against fleas and ticks.


Frontline is water resistant. The tests carried out have shown that successive baths or shampoos do not modify its effectiveness. However, in order for Frontline to adhere correctly to the hair and skin, do not bathe the pet two days before and two days after the treatment.

Thanks to its high safety, it can be used on cats and very small dogs (Chihuahua, Yorkshire, etc.).

It can also be used without risk in pregnant or lactating females and Frontline can also be used in puppies from birth.


In dogs, protection is 2 to 3 months against fleas and one month against ticks. In cats, the duration of flea protection is forty days


Provides shine to the coat.

Does not damage the hair.


Manufactured by Merial Laboratories


Spray bottle of 100 ml, 250 ml, and 500 ml.



Topical application method.
7.5 mg of Fipronil/kg of body weight, which is equivalent to 6 to 12 sprays/kg for the 100 ml bottle, and 2 to 4 sprays/kg for the 250 ml and 500 ml bottles.

How do I put it on my pet?

In the case of Frontline spray, the animal should be sprayed against the grain from the tail to the head, the dosage for the 100 ml Frontline Spray is 6 sprays per kg of weight, for the 250 and 500 ml it is 2 spraysper kg of weight, without forgetting the abdomen, neck and limbs.

For the treatment of the head, in order to avoid any spraying in the animal's eyes, pour a little product into the hollow of the gloved hand and then apply to the face, rubbing gently. This technique can also be used to treat cats to prevent them from being frightened by direct spray on the body. As long as the animal is not dry, it should not be placed near a heat source.

In the case of Frontline pipettes, the hair in the shoulder blade area should be well separated and the contents of the pipette poured into two or three points on the skin. Given the properties of the product, it quickly begins to spread throughout the skin. Let it dry and then the pet can be petted.

My dog has ticks, how can I control them?

Frontline should be sprayed on the ticks and on the entire body without forgetting the ears or the folds where they are housed. These
manually detach. Other non-attached ticks may become attached to the hair. Those are dying.


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2 Question(s) answered

  • Asked by maria luisa ve
    on 04/11/2019
    Estimada cliente: en respuesta a su pregunta comentale que da igual como este el perro para aplicarlo si sucio o limpio. un saludo
  • Asked by alba
    on 04/30/2020
    Una vez que se pulveriza al perro... ya dura 3 meses y no hay que volverle a pulverizar? o cuántas veces hay que pulverizarlo? con qué frecuencia? Answer:
    Buenos días, aunque pone que aguanta 2-3 meses, lo recomendable si no va a usar pipetas o collares antiparasitarios, es pulverizar cada 15-20 días para que mantenga la eficacia, un saludo
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Frontline Antiparasitic Spray Dogs and Cats

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