Grooming Kit for Rodents

Kit de Aseo para Roedores
  • Kit de Aseo para Roedores

Grooming Kit for Rodents


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Grooming Kit for Rodents

This is a grooming set for small rodents such as rabbits, dwarf rabbits, chinchilla hamsters, ferrets and guinea pigs.

The Kit of care for rodents has a brush, a comb and a nail clipper.

Normally rodents spend several hours grooming themselves, but it is very important to take care of their fur to avoid knots that may contain debris (shavings, urine, etc...) or the ingestion of hair that may affect the health of our companion.

Especially recommended for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, hamsters...


The carding will help us remove remains of dead hair/undercoat, especially in times of shedding.

Indicated for animals with medium and long hair.

The comb allows us to gently comb our animal's hair (it also helps with knots).

Advisable for animals with short and long hair.

Small and handy nail clipper.

Ideal for rodents of different sizes.

It is very important to control the growth of the nails to avoid self-harm and scratches.

How to start grooming your pet and get him used to it:

Place your pet in a stable place where it can feel calm (no noise, etc.)

Our animal must gradually get used to grooming. You should always feel calm.

You can reward the animal at the end, so it will be associated with something good.

Do not hold the animal tightly.

Do not press the card/comb against the animal's body.

Check behind the ears, belly and above the tail, they are the areas most likely to have knots.

Undo the knots without harming the animal. In case of a strong knot, use round-tipped scissors and cut it very carefully so as not to damage the animal's skin.

For the nails, cut only the white part of the nail, never the pink part.

In case of colored nails, cut only the tip of them.

Tips and recommendations

Use under supervision. Remove if any part is loose or damaged.

For the use of domestic animals only.

Keep out of reach of children.

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Grooming Kit for Rodents

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