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Guinea Pig SuperPremium Vit Pro

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Guinea Pig SuperPremium Vit Pro

Complete and balanced food for guinea pigs in Mixture

Complete and balanced food based on cereals, alfalfa, carob, whole sunflower, treated cereal straw, peas, minerals, beet mixture, oilseed by-products.

Bags of 1kg, 3kg or Bucket of 3.5kg.


Guinea pigs are 100% herbivorous animals, therefore, their diet must be composed of at least 60% or more of good quality aromatic hay. It is important that hay is always available when feeding your guinea pig, as it helps with its intestinal tract and is vital for a healthy guinea pig.

Around 25% of watercress, lamb's lettuce, escarole, chard, endive, celery, dandelion leaves should also be included in the guinea pig's diet, all thoroughly washed to remove possible chemical residues and then carefully dried to prevent our guinea pig has diarrhoea.

It is important to give your guinea pig vegetables with a high content of vitamin C, such as red and green peppers and broccoli.

Approximately 10% of vitamin-enriched feed will be introduced into their diet as a complement, recommended in a menu or any other specific feed for guinea pigs, if possible with an extra supply of vitamin C.

Also 5% in fruits, washed, with skin, with a low level of sugar, such as apples and with a high content of vitamin C, such as kiwi, peach, orange, tangerine, cherries, nectarines, strawberries, pear, peach banana and grapes.

A trick for your guinea pig to eat green leaves if they don't like it very much, is to spray the leaves with honey or jam (without abusing).

The water is advisable to be mineral, with low sodium content, since guinea pigs tend to produce stones.

Because guinea pigs are unable to produce the vitamin C they need, it is advisable to supplement this vitamin throughout their lives (eg Redoxon drops).

In terms of quantities, guinea pigs have daily food needs of approximately 5% of their body weight.

An example of a balanced diet would be:


Herbs and vegetables, such as hay, dandelion, and alternating between watercress, lamb's lettuce, escarole, arugula, chicory, red bell pepper, green bell pepper (red has the highest vitamin C content).

Fruits, alternating between cherries, nectarines, strawberries, apples, tangerines, oranges, pears, peaches, bananas, grapes.


Carrots, zucchini, tomato, broccoli, celery.

Once a week:

Swiss chard, spinach, artichokes, corn, cucumber, green beans, cauliflower leaves (never the flower).


Main ingredients

cereals, alfalfa, carob, whole sunflower, treated cereal straw, peas, minerals, beet mix, oilseed by-products.


Vitamin A 10,000 KIU/KG Vitamin D3 900 IU/kg Vitamin E 32.5 Mg(kg

Copper 8mg/kg


Proteins 12.8% Fats 2.4% Fibers 13.2% Ashes 6.6% Calcium 0.99%

Phosphorus 0.41% Moisture 9% Sodium 0.16%

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Guinea Pig SuperPremium Vit Pro

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