Heat Controller Duo Regulator for Aquarium Heaters

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Heat Controller Duo Regulador para Calentadores de Acuarios
  • Heat Controller Duo Regulador para Calentadores de Acuarios
  • Heat Controller Duo Regulador para Calentadores de Acuarios

Heat Controller Duo Regulator for Aquarium Heaters

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The Heat Controller Duo digital temperature monitor and controller, for control and monitoring of undergravel heaters and other aquarium heating systems

The Heat Controller Duo temperature controller thanks to its sophisticated design is used to control heaters and undergravel heating systems at the same time.

The measurement and switching accuracy is 0.1°C. The control range is between 0 – 50°C, the set value is in 0.1°C increments, and it is controlled exactly to 1°C. Accuracy guaranteed .

The maximum load for the undergravel heater and heating systems is 1,200 watts. Due to the integrated double socket it is possible to connect a heater and an undergravel heating system at the same time.

The Heat Controller Duo is supplied with a temperature probe to control the temperature.

The LCD screen gives you instant information on current temperature , time and status of connected units.

The heating temperature is controlled by a timer, the on/off time can be set at will.

If the set value is not reached, the undergravel heater will remain on long enough to reach the desired value. To prevent overheating, both sockets switch off as soon as the set value is reached.


How to use

Pressing an arrow key turns on the backlight.
Keypad Unlock: Upper display shows LOC. Pressing the SET and down arrow button for 10 seconds unlocks the keyboard. Instead of LOC the temperature appears on the display.

To adjust the setpoints, press and hold the "SET" button until the setup menu appears. The arrow keys first have to put the controller in "HEAT" mode (Fig. 1, No. 3). A short press of the SET key can be used to change the set point using the arrow keys.

The "COOL" setting can be used if at too high temperatures instead of a heater
A fan should be used for cooling. The heating cable must not be set too strong (maximum 10 W per 100 litres), so that only a light flow from the ground is guaranteed,
without appreciable heating of the water.

Next, briefly press the "SET" key, after which the set point appears flashing and change this with the arrow keys . Short press the "SET" key to get to the setting

Temperature difference between setpoint and emergency shutdown of heating cable at too high a level

The water's temperature. When the set point plus this set value is reached, the heating cable turns off until the temperature in the aquarium has dropped below the set point again.

Pressing "SET" key one more time leads to alarm setting. When the set point plus the value set here is reached, a beep sounds. Once the set temperature is reached, the device activates load socket 1 and changes the load (heating).
a. The heating cable is controlled by the timer and charging socket 2.

Press the OK button to exit the setup menu.

The temperature controller has a rechargeable battery to maintain previously programmed data. If the power supply fails, data will not be lost. After startup, it takes about 24 hours until the battery is charged and the data remains stored.

For safety, you should readjust the temperature values after a power outage.

Technical data
Display: 0.1°C
Measurement range: 0.0 to +50.0 °C
Resolution: 0.1°C
Contact resistance: 1,200 watts at 220 V AC
Humidity: less than 80%
Control range: 16 - 40°C
Control accuracy: +/- 1°C
Power connection: 220 V / 50 Hz
Humidity: <85%

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Heat Controller Duo Regulator for Aquarium Heaters

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