Hill's Feline Young Adult Sterilized Cat Chicken

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Hill's Feline Young Adult Sterilised Cat Pollo
  • Hill's Feline Young Adult Sterilised Cat Pollo

Hill's Feline Young Adult Sterilized Cat Chicken

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Hill's Feline Young Adult Sterilized Cat Chicken.

Balanced complete food specially designed for the daily feeding of young spayed or neutered cats from 6 months to 6 years of age .

In sterilized cats, the chances of being overweight and having urinary problems are multiplied by 3. For this reason, Hill's has developed this range of feed specially designed for sterilized cats that live in homes.

After castration, the metabolism slows down due to the decrease in sex hormones, making the animals gain weight more easily . In addition, the appetite is increased, but the energy expenditure decreases, so that in the long run there is a weight gain.

Once the excess weight is established, the animals are less active and drink less water, the urine is concentrated and they urinate less frequently , increasing the risk of crystals forming in the urine . When the urine has an inadequate pH and the diet is rich in minerals, the formation of urinary stones can also occur.

Fortunately, all of these risks can be avoided with a proper diet like Hill's Feline Young Adult Sterilized Cat . This feed is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of young sterilized cats. Made with high quality and highly digestible ingredients to guarantee an exquisite flavor and optimal absorption of nutrients. Controlled levels of minerals to ensure urinary health. Enriched with clinically proven antioxidants and an exclusive weight management formula that helps burn fat and build lean muscle mass.

Exclusive formula with:

  • Low fat content , to control the consumption of calories.
  • High contents of L-Carnitine and L-Lysine prevent the accumulation of fat and favor the wear of the existing one.
  • Controlled levels of phosphorus and sodium to maintain kidney function by preventing the formation of urinary stones.
  • Clinically proven antioxidants to neutralize free radicals and maintain a strong immune system.

Ingredients: corn, poultry meal (at least 32% chicken), corn starch, animal fats, fish oil, protein hydrolyzate, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, vitamins and trace elements. Natural preservatives: tocopherols, citric acid and rosemary extract.

Additives: Vitamin A (16,000 IU/kg), Vitamin D3 (943 IU/kg), Iron (99.3 mg/kg), Iodine (1.6 mg/kg), Copper (9.8 mg/kg), manganese (10.3 mg/kg), zinc (206.5 mg/kg), selenium (0.3 mg/kg), vitamin E (550 mg/kg), vitamin C (70 mg/kg), beta- carotene (1.5 mg/kg), taurine (2,250 mg/kg), L-carnitine (470 mg/kg).

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Hill's Feline Young Adult Sterilized Cat Chicken

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