Hobby Bell Siphonator to Clean Aquariums

Hobby Bell Siphonator to Clean Aquariums

Hobby Bell Siphonator to Clean Aquariums


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Hobby Bell Siphonator to Clean Aquariums

Description of the recommended product with each water change.

Frees the substrate from organic waste.

Regular use prevents bad water parameters.

The suction of sludge, uneaten food and other debris at the bottom of the aquarium is just as important to water quality as a working filter.

The easiest way to remove mulch and dirt is to use the mulch hood to partially change the water at the same time.

This ensures that the water quality is always the same.

Recommendation: For constant good water quality, a weekly partial water change of approx. 10 - 20% of the pool volume has been proven.

Components: The waste hood consists of the hood and a drain hose.

Use: For assembly, the drain hose is slipped onto the designated connecting piece of the waste hood. When using, immerse the mulm bell with one hand so deeply into the aquarium that air can escape from the entire bell through the hose.

Now carefully suck the other end of the hose and hold it with your other hand over a bucket or sink as soon as the water runs out.

As the water drains, submerge the mud bell just far enough into the substrate so it doesn't get sucked in as well.

When replenishing the desired amount of water, try to free all of the mud substrate if possible.

If you have applied a substrate fertilizer as an undercoat under the substrate, you need to ensure that this is not removed as well.

In the case of large numbers of fish or high water contamination, more frequent and extensive water changes may be necessary. Regular monitoring of water quality makes sense.

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Hobby Bell Siphonator to Clean Aquariums

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