Hobby Protogen Infusoria Food With Spirulina

Hobby Protogen Alimento Infusorio Con Espirulina
  • Hobby Protogen Alimento Infusorio Con Espirulina

Hobby Protogen Infusoria Food With Spirulina


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Hobby Protogen Infusoria Food With Spirulina

Food for fingerlings , concentrate of dehydrated infusoria for fingerlings.

To feed fry on infusoria, such as ciliates, paramecia and euglens without fatigue.

Its benefits:
Food for young fish and crustaceans.
Creates live protozoa.
Grown in nutritious soil.

Once applied in the water they recover life and continue to develop. Without a doubt, it is an organic product that should not be missing if you have a fish tank. Your small crustaceans and fry fish will thank you.

PROTOGEN GRANULATED is a concentrate of dried infusoria of different sizes , rich in broth and which, in the presence of aquarium water and PROTOGEN broth, are suddenly reborn and continue to develop.

There is no need to feed the PROTOGEN infusorium, it is only necessary every 3 or 4 days.

The presence of infusoria is distinguished by the distribution of food, when they gather around the injection point. If properly prepared, infusoria are recognizable at 25- to 50-fold magnification.

If the PROTOGEN broth has been prepared too much, its presence will be recognizable for the formation of a skin on the third day. But if chlorine or other is present in the culture broth, it can form infusoria.

For the trouble-free feeding of fry with live infusoria(Infusion animals) such as ciliates, paramecia.

It is a concentrate raised in nutritious soil of dry infusoria of different sizes, which, together with the aquarium water and the nutritious soil contained in Protogen, recover their life in a short time and continue to develop. Protogen infusoria should not be fed but every 3 or 4 days if a new start is to be made.

The presence of infusoria is best recognized when feeding the incubator, if they congregate around the position of the drip. With the correct start infusoria should only be recognized with 25 - 50 times enlargement. The presence of too much applied Protogen is noticeable by the formation of a moldy skin on the third day. If chlorine or drug residues are found in the starting water, infusoria cannot develop.

Available format: 20 ml.

How to use:

Direct: After spawning, 6 ? 12 grains of Protogen must be added to the aquarium, depending on the quantity of newly hatched fish. On the second day double the amount is added. As needed, continue feeding until the fish accept coarser food.

Pre cultures: Prepare appr. 1 g of Protogen with 1 l of aquarium water, in small flat glass or plastic trays, under 18 ? 25 °C and good lighting. The cultures will be ready for use within 24 hours, propagating intensely when stored for a longer time. Put the infusoria solution with a pipette close to the spawns.

Important notice: Put the pre-cultures to the Protogen grains where the spawns are. Do not use metal containers for Protogen cultures


Main ingredients

dehydrated infusoria

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Hobby Protogen Infusoria Food With Spirulina

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