Inaba Churu Bites Chicken and Tuna for Cats

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Inaba Churu Bites Chicken and Tuna for Cats

Inaba Churu Bites Chicken and Tuna for Cats

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Inaba Churu Bites: The New Way to Pamper Your Cat With Chicken and Tuna

If you are a cat lover, surely you are concerned about giving it the best diet and the best snacks to keep it happy and healthy. Inaba Churu Bites is the new line of snacks for cats, made with the freshest and most natural ingredients, so that your cat enjoy a unique and nutritious flavor in each bite.

Benefits of Inaba Churu Bites, its main ingredients and frequently asked questions by cat owners.

What are Inaba Churu Bites?

Inaba Churu Bites are snacks for cats, in the form of soft snacks, which are made from fresh and natural ingredients. This line of products is from the Inaba brand, a Japanese company that has been in the market for more than 60 years, dedicated to the production of high-quality pet food.

What ingredients do Inaba Churu Bites contain?

The main ingredients of Inaba Churu Bites are chicken and tuna, which are high-quality sources of animal protein and very important in cat nutrition.

These snacks also contain natural ingredients such as taurine, vitamin E and fiber, which help maintain good digestive and cardiovascular health in cats.

What are the benefits of Inaba Churu Bites for cats?

The Inaba Churu Bites are very beneficial for the health of cats, since they are made with natural and high-quality ingredients. These snacks are rich in animal protein, which is essential for maintaining muscle mass and energy in cats. In addition, they contain taurine, an essential substance to maintain good eye and cardiovascular health in cats.

Inaba Churu Bites also contain Vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant that helps protect the body's cells from free radicals.

How should Inaba Churu Bites be given to cats?

Inaba Churu Bites are very easy to feed to cats as they come in the form of soft and tasty treats that cats love. You can give Inaba Churu Bites as a snack between meals or as a reward for good behavior.

Inaba Churu Bites are also very useful for giving cats medicine as they can easily hide inside.

Are there any precautions that should be taken when giving Inaba Churu Bites to cats?

Inaba Churu Bites are a safe and nutritious food for cats, as long as they are fed in the recommended amounts. It is important to remember that cat treats should not replace the main meal, as they contain fewer essential nutrients than regular cat food. It is also important to ensure that cats have plenty of fresh water available when they are given Inaba Churu Bites.


Main ingredients

Chicken, tuna, water, tapioca, egg white, sodium caseinate, guar gum, natural chicken flavor, natural flavors, yeast extract, natural tuna flavor, carrageenan, vitamin E supplement, paprika oleoresin (color), green tea extract.


Vitamin E 80 IU/kg


Proteins 22 % Fats 3 % Fibers 0.50 % Moisture 72 %

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Inaba Churu Bites Chicken and Tuna for Cats

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