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Inner Filter Aquael Turbo Filter 500 N

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Inner Filter Aquael Turbo Filter 500 N

The Aquael Turbo filter is designed for cleaning and aerating aquarium water. This quiet, energy-efficient filter provides dual (mechanical and biological) filtration of the aquarium.

It is compatible with any biological or chemical filter cartridge offered by Aquael, such as Bio Cera Max Pro 600, Bio Cera Max Pro 1200, Bio Cera Max Pro 1600, Zeo Max Plus, Carbo Max Plus, Nitro Max Pro, Phos Max Basic and Phos maxpro.

The rotor chamber is sealed which ensures high efficiency at a relatively low level of power consumption. All Aquael Turbo Filter models are equipped with special shock-absorbing suction cups to dampen vibrations that can be transmitted to the glass and thus dampen the operation of the device.

Thanks to the special design of the Aquael Turbo internal filters, they are easy to assemble and maintain .

The filter element containers can be filled with any product authorized for this purpose , as we see fit .


It produces an intensive movement of water on the surface.

The aeration nozzle (7) is placed on the outlet, the mechanical filtration of the water is achieved thanks to the filtration carried out by a sponge. The set also includes the biological filtration module, made up of the filter container (11) with a strainer (10), the filter cover (9) and the inlet protector (12), whiche="color:#232323;"> prevents the absorption of plants and fish into the container. The container (11) is filled with the Bio Cera Max Pro 600 ceramic filter element, which, thanks to its porous surface , helps the development of nitrification bacteria , which help nitric transformations in the aquarium. The high density of the container also allows the application of other filter elements (for example Carbo Max Plus activated carbon, Zeo Max Plus zeolite or other Bio Cera Max UltraPro 1200 or Bio Cera Max Ultra Pro 1600 biological filters. There is also the possibility of purchasing some additional containers that can be joined to each other, online, as reflected in the following diagram

The starter kit includes

A container for loose filter media with a capacity of 250 ml in the model Aquael Turbo Filter 500

A Bio Cera M ax Pro 600 cartridge for biological filtration,

A carefully selected density sponge to ensure high filter parameters for as long as possible.

Turbo filters are available in three configurations for installation: sponge only, container only and container plus a sponge.

Additional canisters for filter elements can be purchased separately. can not _ Easily mount on columns thanks to a specially designed connection system. In this way, the filter can be transformed into a customized device with unique filtration parameters, carefully tailored to individual needs.

To increase its efficiency, it can be purchased together with the Aquael Mini UV Internal Ultraviolet Lamp, with which we achieve a perfect filtering quality.



Power , 4.4W

Performance, 500 liters per hour

Measurements, 70x76x239 mm

For aquariums up to 150 liters capacity

Power cord length, 1.5 meters

For freshwater aquariums

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2 Question(s) answered

  • Asked by a guest
    on 02/06/2019
    Este filtro sirve para un nano marino de 30l? Answer:
    Estimado cliente: Este filtro no le valdria para una pecera de marino, para una pecera de marino pequeña le vendria bien el filtro hidra 20. un saludo
  • Asked by Ángel Aparicio
    on 03/09/2020
    ¿Tienen cubículos adicionales para acoplar al filtro Aquael Filter 500? ¿Cuál es su precio? Gracias Answer:
    Buenos días, cuando habla de cubículos, imaginamos que se refiere a cambiar el contenido del interior del filtro, si es eso, la respuesta es si, se puede adaptar para ponerle carbón activo, algodón o lo que necesite, si por cubículo, se refiere a algún contenedor para evitar que el filtro este en contacto directamente con el acuario, no tenemos ningún producto para ello, un saludo

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Inner Filter Aquael Turbo Filter 500 N

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