Internal Midiflotor Skimmer for Marine Aquariums

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Skimmer Interno Midiflotor para Acuarios Marinos
  • Skimmer Interno Midiflotor para Acuarios Marinos

Internal Midiflotor Skimmer for Marine Aquariums

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The Midiflotor is a small protein skimmer for aquariums up to 400l volume. It is characterized by having a double reaction tube, which makes a continuous fluid contact in the skimmer.

Air bubbles rise inside the tube. Like a push of air, they take a large volume of water with them. The water flow is forced downward at the outlet of the tube. The air bubbles follow the stream of water downwards, until it reaches the expansion cone.

These points of air bubbles return and rise in the current counter upwards. A very high retention time of the bubbles in the air is ensured.

The Midiflotor is supplied with a strong clamp, which allows a secure attachment of the skimmer to the tank wall. The system allows the skimmer to be moved up and down and therefore properly adjusts the foam creation area.

In addition, next to the clamp there is a space for a redox electrode , if ozone is used.
The Midiflotor is equipped with an air diffuser. To work only one additional air pump is needed (air flow rate: 200 – 300 l/h).

For effective work, the Midiflotor needs a contact column , where water and air can carry out the reaction. Air is injected into the water by a compressor and a diffuser.

The effectiveness of the Midiflotor can be increased by using ozone. Ozone oxidizes many organic components, which can be evacuated by the skimmer or metabolized by bacteria in the biological filter.
The capacity of the ozonator depends on the dimensions of the aquarium. The ideal is the use of Ozonizer and Redox Potential Controller. With this the amount of ozone supplied is controlled automatically.

The foam cup is not attached to the reaction tube. It can be easily removed for cleaning.
After removing the lid, the cup can be cleaned in tap water. From time to time, depending on the accumulated dirt, the reaction tube can also be cleaned.


Total height including frothing cup 65 cm.
Reaction vessel diameter 75 mm


Exploded view

1. Cover
2. Frother cup
3. Holding plate
4. Pipe reactor
5. Air diffuser
6. Air tube
7. Inlet tube
8. Staples
9. Screws
10. Fastening
11. Fastening

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Internal Midiflotor Skimmer for Marine Aquariums

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