JBL Potassium Test for Aquarium

Test JBL de Potasio para Acuario
  • Test JBL de Potasio para Acuario

JBL Potassium Test for Aquarium

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JBL Potassium Test for Aquarium

The Potassium Test contains approximately 25 tests for potassium measurements in your aquarium.

The little amount or the null amount of Potassium causes the stagnation of the growth of the plants and the perforated leaves.

Recommended levels: 2-15 mg/l For approximately 25 measurements.

The correct water values in the aquarium depend on the existing fish population and plants. Even if the water looks clear, it may be contaminated.

If the values are bad, diseases or algae can form in the aquarium.

Regular monitoring and adjustment of the water values is important for a healthy aquarium with almost natural conditions.

For every water analysis, JBL offers water tests in the form of quick tests or color change tests. These determine a certain value or several values at the same time. With these water tests, algae problems can be identified and negative values for nitrate, nitrite, potassium, magnesium, etc. can be determined.

Potassium is one of the macroelements that plants in fresh water absorb and store temporarily and quickly in a few hours.

With growing plants, the need for potassium is greater compared to other elements.

Despite regular fertilization of the aquarium water, the potassium can reach a minimum and the plants can stagnate in their growth.

In tap water, potassium is often a deficient element compared to natural biotopes, especially in relation to the concentration of calcium and magnesium.

Indicated for:

Freshwater aquarium (community aquarium): 10-30 mg / l

Lake Malawi Tanwiika Aquarium: 10-30 mg/l

Plant aquariums with few fish (aquascaping): 10-30 mg / l

Saltwater aquarium: Potassium content cannot be measured with this test

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JBL Potassium Test for Aquarium

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