JBL Pro Iron (Fe) Test (Recharge)

JBL Pro AquaTest Test de Hierro
  • JBL Pro AquaTest Test de Hierro

JBL Pro Iron (Fe) Test (Recharge)


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JBL Pro Iron (Fe) Test (Recharge)

Simple and safe monitoring of water values in aquariums and ponds. Determination of the optimal value of iron in fresh and marine water.

Laboratory comparator system to compensate for inherent coloration of water: fill glass cuvette with sample water, add reagent to both cuvettes, place cuvettes in holder, read values from color card

Usage: 1 time after a new installation, then weekly. With green algae problems or when plants do not grow optimally.

Scope of supply: 1 quick test. Content for approx. 50 measures. Incl. Reagent, 2 glass cuvettes with screw cap, syringe, comparator block and color scale.

Refill reagent sold separately

Other data of interest on the maintenance of water levels.

Healthy aquarium healthy pond with close to nature conditions

The correct water values in the pond aquarium depend on the population of fish and plants present. Even if the water appears clear, it may be contaminated.

If the values are low, diseases or algae can form in the aquarium / pond. For a healthy aquarium / pond with conditions close to nature, regular monitoring and adjustment of the water values is important.

JBL offers water tests in the form of quick tests or color change tests for each water analysis. These determine a certain value or several values at the same time.

With these water tests, algae problems and negative values of nitrate, nitrite, potassium, magnesium, etc. can be detected. to establish.

In addition to an adequate supply of CO2, iron and trace elements are essential for aquatic plants. Since well-growing aquatic plants constantly consume iron and other trace elements and these in the water even when coupled to so-called.

Chelators, as is common in modern fertilizer preparations (eg JBL Ferropol, JBL Fe + Microelements), can only be stored for a limited time, the iron content must be checked regularly with the JBL Iron Test Set Fe and, if necessary, fertilize again.

Pond owners should check their well water for iron content before using the well water for their pond. Too high an iron content causes problems in the pond.

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JBL Pro Iron (Fe) Test (Recharge)

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