JBL Test Mg/Ca

JBL Test Mg/Ca

JBL Test Mg/Ca

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JBL Test Mg/Ca

JBL ProAquaTest Mg-Ca magnesium-calcium test

Healthy aquarium with conditions close to nature
The correct values of the water in the aquarium depend on the population of fish, algae and corals present.
Even if the water appears clear, it may be contaminated.

If the values are low, diseases or algae can form in the aquarium.
For a healthy aquarium with conditions close to nature, regular monitoring and adjustment of the water values is important.

Along with calcium, magnesium forms total hardness. Along with potassium, magnesium is one of the macroelements that corals need for healthy and strong growth.
Too low levels of calcium and magnesium impair coral growth and prevent beautiful calcareous red algae from growing.

Recommended Calcium Levels:
Marine aquarium: 1200-1600 mg/l

JBL PROAQUATEST Mg-Ca Magnesium-Calcium
Quick test to determine the magnesium / calcium content in seawater aquariums

Simple and safe monitoring of water values in aquariums
Determination of the optimal value of magnesium and calcium for a strong and healthy growth of corals and calcareous algae.
Easy to use: test for calcium content first, then test for magnesium.
Subtract the calcium test result from the magnesium test: the result is the magnesium content
Range: The number of measurements depends on the level of calcium and magnesium.

Scope of supply:
1 Mg Test Kit and 1 Ca Test Kit, including 5 reagents, plastic cuvette, syringe, and measuring spoon. Refill reagent sold separately

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JBL Test Mg/Ca

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