K-2 Series Skimmer for Marine Aquariums

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Skimmer Serie K-2 para Acuarios Marinos
  • Skimmer Serie K-2 para Acuarios Marinos
  • Skimmer Serie K-2 para Acuarios Marinos
  • Skimmer Serie K-2 para Acuarios Marinos

K-2 Series Skimmer for Marine Aquariums


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Protein skimmer for aquariums from 200 to 1000 liters to install on the filter. It has been specifically designed for use in aquariums and tested by professionals. This unit will efficiently remove organic substances from your aquarium water.

The venturi pump skimmer must be located inside a filtration tank. The water is sent to the skimmer through the venturi pump. The pump draws water from the filtration tank and mixes it with air. Inside the pump body the bubbles are broken up by Aqua Medic's Power Wheel rotor until they are very small. The air/water mixture is pumped into the skimmer. The treated water flows through the outlet pipe out of the skimmer to the filtration tank.

The DC Runner series of magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps are very quiet in operation. They have fully encapsulated synchronous motors. All its materials are resistant to salt water.

The polished ceramic shaft and bearings are wear resistant, ensuring long operating life. The pumps are easily removable for cleaning. The direction of rotation is electronically controlled. This ensures a very efficient operation.


Suction Side: The included air injection nozzle is on the suction side of the pump.
Pressure side: The pressure side will be connected with the skimmer through the prepared connection by a piece of rubber. Please make sure that the gaskets (Fig. 1, No. 18 + 24) are placed inside the groove. If possible, mount the pump horizontally for better air intake and quieter operation.

The DC Runner pump works through an electronic safety transformer at 110 ? 240 V / 50 ? 60 Hz and a 24 V DC output. To open the pump, remove the retaining plate and loosen the pump lock by turning it. After placing the pump make sure that you can always reach the plug easily.


Adjustable 24 V DC Runner pump incl. controller with button to stop the skimmer to allow feeding. 0 - 10 V connection enabled.
High air intake, optimal bubble size and shape thanks to the new Power Wheel impeller Almost completely silent operation with adjustable water outlet positioned on the
skimmer base
Silencer that can be placed freely
Foaming is adjustable both electronically and manually
Compact design allowing use in small areas
Can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning


Exploded view

1. Reaction tube 17. Pressure side hose connection
2. Foam collecting bowl 18. Pressure side gasket
3. Lid for collection bowl 19. Venturi pump
4. Silencer 20. Rubber bearing
5. Connection hose with silencer 21. Ceramic bearing
6. Adjusting screw 22. Gasket for pump body
7. Air hose 23. Closure for pump body
8. Ozone connection (below) 24. Pressure side gasket
9. Outlet 25. (K1) Nozzle for air suction K1
10. Fixing screw 25. (K2/3) Reduction K2 and K3
11. Perforated plate 26. (K1) Connection for air hose K1
12. Gasket 26. (K2/3 Elbow connection for air hose K2/K3
13. Base plate 27. (K2/3) Pressure side union nut K2/K3
14. Set of screws for base 28. Drain for collection bowl
15. Connection hose 29. Base plate for venturi pump
16. Pressure side clamping nut 30. Aqua Medic Power Wheel

K2 version
For aquariums 200 - 1,000 l
total consumption max. 31 watts
DC Runner K2 Pump
air flow max. 1,800l/hr.
Total height app. 48cm
Height with collection cup app. 51cm
Space required app. 35x24cm
Optimum level of water in the filter sump app. 18 - 23cm

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K-2 Series Skimmer for Marine Aquariums

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