Kong Bone Puppies

Kong Bone Puppies

Kong Bone Puppies

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Kong Bone Puppies

Kong Puppy Goodie Bone Small - "puppy treat bone"

Your teething pup will love the Kong puppy bone. It is made with the special rubber for puppies and has holes to hide rewards. So your puppy will not be able to stop biting you and will leave the other things in the house

You can make it even more attractive by filling the slots with Puppy Kong paste. Recommended for puppies from 2 to 9 months.

Play with objects satis> “hunt-capture-chew”. Kong toys bounce in unpredictable directions (simulating hunting), have the weight and measurements of prey (catch) and an elastic texture that simulates the prey's bite (chewing).

  • They can be filled with food or Kong paste to make it even more attractive. Thus the reward for the "hunt" is greater and will be irresistible

  • They are extremely resistant . Made with exclusive Kong natural rubber

  • They prevent your dog from chewing inappropriate things out of boredom

  • Using them regularly strengthens your dog's jaws and gums

A pet can be well cared for physically and yet live in a poor environment, in terms of objects with which to feel stimulated to play. Giving him attractive toys can prevent and even cure behavior problems, as it reduces stress and is a great exercise. Keep in mind that playing is a natural behavior for all animals and our pets use play for social interaction and to practice their instinctive hunting habits. Taking away a pet's ability to hunt will lead to boredom, frustration, and behavior problems. Playing with other pets or people develops social relationships and makes animals happier!

In 1976, Kong set the standard for functionality and durability in dog toys. Today the Kongs are the ones with the most enthusiastic followers, both among pets and among veterinarians , trainers and other professionals.

Although they are extremely durable due to their composition, there are no indestructible toys, so we recommend changing them when they deteriorate to prevent your pet from ingesting pieces that could cause damage .

Measurements: 12 cm X 4.5 cm

Color is assorted (cannot be selected).

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Kong Bone Puppies

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