Large Cage For Hamsters (Large) 938N

Jaula Grande Para Hamsters (Grande) 938N
  • Jaula Grande Para Hamsters (Grande) 938N

Large Cage For Hamsters (Large) 938N


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Large Cage For Hamsters (Large) 938N

The hamster cage is fully equipped as shown in the photo.

This cage will be a real home for your hamsters.


Measurements: 50.5 x 28 x 32 cm


It includes:



small hook

Long staircase.

floor axes.



1st floor.

Tube support.

Hamsters are solitary animals , they prefer to live alone, we advise you if you have several Hamsters that you provide them with a special cage for large Hamsters.

Sometimes female hamsters may want their own territory, and unless they are in the reproductive period, they may attack the male. Therefore watch your Hamsters at the first sign separate them.

How does a hamster cage have to be? Hamsters tend to gnaw and escape, so the cage should be hamster-proof: fiberglass, strong plastic, or galvanized metal.

Be careful, if you are going to raise a Hamster, make sure that your Hamster's cage is spacious enough , since the lack of space can lead the mother to kill and later devour all or part of the litter.

Make sure that your Hamster's cage has good ventilation, it should be in the shade (they do not tolerate the sun) and it is ideal that it be high so that they can climb. You must have a heavy plate for food and a bottle of water.

Hamsters are clean animals . A hamster can easily get used to living its entire life in a cage, as long as it is spacious, clean, comfortable and the available space can be organized to your liking. Hamsters tend to only dirty the toilet area, keeping the bed and pantry clean.

In Pet Planet's online pet store you can find a wide variety of cages for Hamsters at the best prices on the market. Each time the cages for Hamsters are of higher quality and with more accessories that guarantee the fun of your Hamsters, such as tunnels, wheels, slides, stairs, etc.

Hamsters love exercise , so it is very positive to put an exercise wheel in their cage, in which they can travel more than 15 kilometers in one night.

How often should a hamster cage be cleaned ? The cage It should be cleaned every two or three days, and disinfected once a week, since they tend to collect food behind the nest, which can decompose. They urinate a lot, so it is necessary to have a cage with plenty of softwood shavings, sawdust, shredded paper (not newspaper, because of the ink), hay or straw at the bottom to absorb dirt and droppings and by the way give some heat. >

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Large Cage For Hamsters (Large) 938N

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