Light Deflector For Terrariums

Deflector De Luz Para Terrarios
  • Deflector De Luz Para Terrarios

Light Deflector For Terrariums

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Light Deflector For Terrariums

The Flamingo light panel is designed to avoid the glare effect of terrarium lighting. Mounted in front of the frame, the panel provides glare protection and hides not always beautiful frames. In addition, the opening is heated by the lamp, improving air circulation in the terrarium.

Light Deflector For Reptile Terrariums, with dimensions of 13 x 13 x 5 cm. Recommended for terrariums, reptiles and turtle tanks.

This light deflector is very useful to expand the lighting or the heat of the bulb that is inserted in the terrarium of our reptile.

The unusual reptiles do not look like other animals that usually live in our homes. First of all, they are wild, non-domestic animals and do not live in our latitudes in their natural state.

light shield great illumination

Ideal for protecting harsh light from lamps. So you don't look directly at the light.

Its advantages

To insert in the terrarium.

Expand the illumination of the bulb

Spread the heat of the bulb

Can be mounted in front of the frame.

Glare protection.

Improves air circulation.

Its dimensions:


Recommended for reptiles, their placement in the frame of the terrarium.

Brief advice on reptiles

Reptiles do not tame each other, but they know how to get used to their presence and handling.

They are not very demonstrative, they do not show affection towards their trainer, even if they are petted and handled daily. They never need emotional contact, quite the opposite: the less they are affected, the better they feel.

Except iguanas, who love to be scratched on the head and neck. They may not be stingy with a little tail to thank you.

In the case of snakes, they do not have hearing aids, but they do have excellent eyesight and sensitive dimples. So avoid sudden movements as much as possible, if your reptile is startled it may bite.

For beginners, it is advisable to start with snake species of reasonable size and feed normally.

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Light Deflector For Terrariums

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