Lucky Reptile Humidity Control II Digital

Lucky Reptile Humidity Control II Digital

Lucky Reptile Humidity Control II Digital

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Lucky Reptile Humidity Control II Digital

Digital humidity regulator with day/night function + Hygrometer.

This humidity control instrument is essential if you want to properly maintain optimal environmental conditions in the terrarium .

With the Humidity Control II you have acquired a state-of-the-art digital hygrostat with which you can connect all common terrarium humidification systems with a maximum total power of 1000 W.

The device has a real-time clock and two switching circuits so that different values can be set for day and night. The change between day and night mode is time controlled . An alarm system warns visually and acoustically when it falls below or above (adjustable value) the set humidity.

In addition, you have the possibility to control additional devices such as lighting or fans through the timer. The permanent indication of humidity as well as its small dimensions make it possible for the hygrostat to be used as a hygrometer.

Professional hygrostat for terrariums

Air humidity regulator day and night perfect for our terrariums

  • Two humidity circuits for day and night service
  • Real time clock, hours of the day are defined by the hour
  • Integrated time clock
  • Average humidity indicator
  • Alarm function in case of humidity deviation (adjustable between 1% and 50%)
  • External sensor to measure air humidity
  • For humidifiers up to 1000w
  • Suitable for vaporization equipment, artificial rain systems, air humidifiers, etc...

Terms of employment

• The equipment must only be used with alternating voltage of 230 V /


• The employment position of the team can be chosen. Use the equipment

in such a way that it does not get wet!

• The allowed ambient temperature must be between 0 and 60°C.,

no more no less!

• The equipment is intended for use in dry and clean places.

• When condensation forms, you must wait a period of

acclimatization up to two hours.

• Take care that the equipment does not come into contact with humidity,

water and heat

Use in accordance with regulations

The intended purpose of the equipment is its use together with systems of

usual humidification to fix the humidity of the air in containers

(eg terrariums) or places without any pressure. Other purpose of employment is not



Place the humidity sensor in a suitable place inside the

Terrarium. To obtain correct measurement results, it is convenient that the humidity sensor is not directly watered by steam.


Position the hygrostat in such a way that you can easily control the humidity display. Insert the components provided for regulation in the regulator plug, the humidifiers in I and the components to be controlled by the timer in II. Insert the hygrostat mains connection into a properly installed plug.

Then make the desired settings according to the following instructions.

Setting the device functions:

Press the SET key for more than 3 seconds to open the device settings menu. There are 12 selectable menus, F01 to F12. Change the function using the arrow keys and press SET to open the menu. With the arrow keys you can make changes. With ENT saves the values for the corresponding menu. Press ENT for more than 3 seconds to exit device settings. The device now works with the new settings.

In the following table you can find detailed information about the different functions. Note that you can change from minutes to seconds in the time settings by pressing the SET key.

Change day/night:

The humidistat switches between day and night modes depending on the set time and uses the corresponding air humidity

F06 sets the day start time and F07 the night start time. F06 must be less than F07


With F05 the device can be changed from Humidifying mode to Dehumidifying mode. In humidifying mode, the device is operated until the set air humidity is reached, at which point it is switched off. In Dehumidify mode, the device switches on as soon as the set air humidity is exceeded and only switches on again when it drops below the limit again. Use this function, e.g. For example, to run fans.

alarm function:

It can be set whether the device should warn after a certain deviation value from the set humidity values (day and night).

The deviation value can be set between 0 and 50. With 0 the function is deactivated. Otherwise, the number represents the deviation value, with 5 and a set air humidity of 75% the device warns accordingly below 70% and above 80%. The device warns by flashing the screen and with an acoustic signal.

timer clock:

The device has a real-time clock with a timer. It is possible to set two ON and two OFF times (accurate to the minute), respectively, and to time devices, such as lighting, via coupling II. Set the corresponding functions (F08 to F11) to 00:00 if you don't want to use the timer. Pay attention that the settings do not contradict each other (for example, the value of F10 is between F08 and F09).

Operating mode:

The hygrostat activates the air humidifier until the set air humidity is reached, at which point it is switched off. It is switched on again as soon as the set air humidity is exceeded by the value set with F03.

Display and recall of recorded values:

The device to be controlled is connected when a red light shines under WORK. If a red light shines with SET, the device is currently in setting mode.

With the up arrow key the set air humidity is displayed during the day, with the down arrow key it is displayed at night. By briefly pressing ENT the current time is displayed. All other values can only be called up via the device setting.

Important Notices

• If the sensor fails, an alarm signal sounds and the display shows the message EEE. Get in contact with your distributor!

• The appliance memorizes the settings and programming in the event of disconnection/blackout for approx. 48 hours.

• Do not modify the equipment or open your body!

• Equipment such as sensor lines have to be checked regularly for possible faults and damage. Upon finding any defect, the equipment must be immediately withdrawn from use. The same applies in case the equipment has had contact with liquids. Inspections and possible repairs of the equipment are the exclusive task of a professional and qualified specialist!

• Before commissioning the device, check whether this device is suitable and generally suitable for the application for which it is intended!

• In case of doubts, it is advisable to consult specialists, professionals, experts or the producer of the equipment used!

• To exclude animal losses, it is advisable to regularly check the humidity. Claims for compensation due to defects and faults of the regulator are excluded.


The warranty expires in the event of technical modifications and attempts to repair the equipment as well as in the event of deterioration and damage due to force or improper use.

For this equipment, a manufacturer's guarantee is granted for a period of one year. Repairs, tweaks, changes against a new team are fixed at the discretion of the producer.

No warranty or liability in any way for damages or consequential damages in connection with this product is made.

In case of claims, warranty claims or repairs, contact your specialist.

Technical data

Service voltage: 230 V~ 50/60 Hz

Maximum load: 1000W

Consume ofelectricity: < 5W

Adjustable humidity zone: 0% to 99%

Measurement range: 0% to 99%

Accuracy: +- 5%

Disengagement: 1%

Connection delay: 1% to 50%

Alarm in case of discrepancy: +- 0% to 50%

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Lucky Reptile Humidity Control II Digital

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