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Measurer 30ml


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Measurer 30ml

It is a drug that treats the vast majority of diseases in freshwater and saltwater fish.

It works effectively against diseases caused by fungi, protozoa and bacteria. It also treats swellings, wounds, abscesses, fin rot.

Perfect in case of uncertain diagnosis.

Fight against diseases caused by Protozoa: Ichthyobodo, Chilodonella, Ichthyophthirius... Causes of White Spot disease. They are also the cause of cloudiness or opacity of the skin, whitish veils and spills.

Effective against Bacterial diseases: Columnaris or cotton disease, Dropsy. They are extremely contagious and dangerous diseases for your fish.

They are perceived by the generation of sores, ulcers, fraying of the fins, skin lesions, necrosis in the gills and loss of appetite. Inflammation of the belly, bristling of the scales.

Effective against diseases caused by Fungi: Achlya, Saprolegnia. Small balls of cottony texture that adhere to the body, gills or fins.

It is not a suitable product for invertebrate animals (shrimps, snails, clams, etc.)

The content of the product is 30 ml to treat 800 liters of water.

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Measurer 30ml

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