Lámpara Mega Sun 10.0 Con UVB Y UVA
  • Lámpara Mega Sun 10.0 Con UVB Y UVA

Mega Sun 10.0 Lamp With UVB and UVA for Terrarium

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Mega Sun 10.0 Lamp With UVB and UVA for Terrarium

Reptiles Planet Mega Sun lamps are ideal for meeting the UVB needs of your animals. In addition to an amount of UVB, they also emit a large amount of UVA.

The lamps are relatively efficient and are available in a 13 and 26 watt version.

Additionally, Mega Sun lamps are available in no less than three different concentrations, to specifically meet the UVB needs of your reptile or amphibian.

These lamps emit average values of UVB (for example: 40 µW/cm² at 30 cm for the 26 w lamp) and standard UVA (75 µW/cm² at 30 cm).

In deserts and open spaces, reptiles receive UV rays directly (without the canopy filter).

The UVB rays contained in the lamp will help your reptiles to synthesize provitamin D3. UVA rays provide physiological well-being to animals and will limit their stress, promote food intake and reproduction.

UVA rays allow your pet to "see better" and therefore less stress.


Uniform UVB radiation, regardless of distance

Excellent light quality (white light without blue tint)

Long useful life

Spectrum of light specially designed for reptiles

Ratio: 10% UVB, 30% UVA rays

Balanced UVB -Radiation to promote growth (scales, claws, armor) Suitable for gauze terrariums due to sufficient light output when installed above the grid.

Mega-Sun lamps fit all standard E27 sockets.

Thanks to their special shape, they can be attached both vertically and horizontally without affecting performance.

Ecological lamps emit little heat.

To heat the terrarium, we combine these lamps with infrared (InfraredPlus) or ceramic (Terra Ceramic) lamps.

For amphibians, snakes, invertebrates and nocturnal animals, we recommend Mega Sun 2.0 with 2% UVB radiation.

Perfect for lizards and tortoises that live in arid environments , for example: Bearded Agamas (Pogona Vitticeps), Collared Lizards (Crotaphytus, Gambelia), Sceloporus, Savannah Monitor Lizards (Varanus exanthematosus), Horned Lizards (Frynosome), Whiptail tail (Uromastyx), Leiocephalus, tortoises (Geochelone Pardalis and Sulcata, Testudo Horsfieldii, Hermanii and Graeca), etc.

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Mega Sun 10.0 Lamp With UVB and UVA for Terrarium

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