Mineral Spray for Skin and Hair (Itches and Mites)

Spray Mineral para Piel y Pelo
  • Spray Mineral para Piel y Pelo

Mineral Spray for Skin and Hair (Itches and Mites)


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Mineral Spray for Skin and Hair (Itches and Mites)

ANIBIO's mineral spray is the result of a unique and gentle combination of active substances with natural ingredients and Dead Sea salts.

The spray is odorless and completely harmless to people and animals.


Treatment of the skin in case of mites

Relieves itchy dandruff

Nourishes skin and hair with mineral essences from the Dead Sea.

Alcohol free - odorless

The bottle format is 300ml and 1 liter bottle (without dispenser)

Recommended Application:

At the beginning of the treatment, apply twice a day, spraying against the direction of the hair and massaging the skin. A treatment period of 4-7 days is recommended.

Demodex: Continue the treatment until the parasite disappears and continue for 1 more week. A treatment together with the Melaflon spray is recommended.

It is not necessary to wash the animal afterwards.

Natural and biological products for pets

We want your pet to develop and stay healthy. That is why ANIBIO offers a wide range of productsThe advantages of ANIBIO are:- top quality ingredients from biologically controlled crops- purely natural products- completely free of alcohols, chemical additives, preservatives and artificial aromas- bioenergized- our antiparasitic products are free of toxic products and insecticides.

We must thank nature for the success of its line of care and hygiene products: because nature has the perfect solution for every problem. There is nothing more pleasant than man and animal seeking closeness and harmony.

Due to such a close relationship, antiparasitic and animal hygiene products must be free of toxic substances in their composition for both. For example: these substances can be absorbed through the skin and reach the body of your animal, and ANIBIO only uses natural essences and thus reduces the risk of unwanted side effects to almost 0%. Prevention is better than cure.

This rule applies to animals just as it does to people. ANIBIO's high-quality food products reinforce the health of your four-legged friend in a natural way. We want to consciously stand out from the rest of the market by exclusively offering organic products.

Nowadays, pet owners care more and more about high quality hygiene articles and accessories. In 1995, they began to serve veterinarians in Germany.

In its day there were only five products in the Anibio line. It took a lot of conviction and patience, until the positive effects of our products were recognized. Today we can say: "Building trust takes time" But quality is more important than the amount. As a matter of principle, each of Anibio's products is developed and tested in collaboration with veterinarians, before being placed on the market.

In addition, all products receive a special treatment according to "Hess & Volk". In this process the ingredients are bioenergized, which means that they are endowed by vibrations with certain additional beneficial information. (vibrations as found in homeopathy.

The best example for this process is our Tic-Clip against ticks and fleas. Due to the positive demand and the success of our products, we are happy to support you in the future, too, to keep your pet healthy and vital. convince of the natural power of ANIBIO products.


Main ingredients

Aqua dem. (polarized), Sodium, Potassium, Harmonium, Iron, Mangan, Magnesium, Calcium, Sulfate, Stontine, Fluoruro, Chloride, Bromide, Iodide, Phosphate, Hydrocarbonate.

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1 Question(s) answered

  • Asked by azucena
    on 02/15/2022
    que pasa si se lame luego se puede poner con pupad Answer:
    Buenos días, para una valoración de su mascota, lo mas recomendable es llevarlo al veterinario, y el le indicara el tratamiento a seguir, un saludo
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Mineral Spray for Skin and Hair (Itches and Mites)

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