Multiva Hairball Nutritional Supplement

Multiva Hairball Suplemento
  • Multiva Hairball Suplemento

Multiva Hairball Nutritional Supplement

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MULTIVA® Hairball _


Dermatological and Laxative Supplement for the Prevention and Elimination of Trichobezoars in Cats

• Innovative multi-action formula:

- Keeps skin and hair in optimal condition, prevents excessive hair loss and prevents the formation of hairballs.

- Laxative action that facilitates the expulsion of ingested hair.

- Improves the functionality of the digestive system and fights constipation.

- Prevents frequent disorders or intense exercise.

• Recommended by veterinarians: Powerful, Effective and Safe.

• Sure. Without the side effects of mineral oil based products.

• Easy to Manage. Highly palatable chews that facilitate daily intake.

• Suitable for all races and ages.

• Container of 45 chews.

Active ingredients (per chew): Biotin 13 mcg Lecithin 60 mg Omega-3 15 mg Omega-6 75 mg Zinc 0.2 mg Plantago ovata 25 mg Vaccinium macrocarpon 12.5 mg Composition (in descending order): Brewer's yeast, hydrolyzed liver Chicken, Glycerin, Safflower Oil, Whey, Soy Lecithin, Psyllium Husk, Flax Oil, Maltodextrin, Calcium Sulfate, Cranberry Extract. Additives (per kg): Trace elements – E6 Zinc (zinc chelate of amino acids): 133.33 mg. Vitamins – Biotin 8.67 mg. Analytical components: Crude protein 28.60%; crude oils and fats 10.82%; crude fiber 2.61%; ash 9.99%; humidity 12.18%. Properties and mechanism of action:

• Biotin, Zinc, Omega-3, Omega-6 and Lecithin are key factors for the production of collagen and keratin, structural proteins of the skin and hair. · Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin from the group of B vitamins. Biotin plays a fundamental role in the synthesis of keratin, the main structural protein of the epidermis, present in the skin and hair. Long-term Biotin supplementation improves the quality and possibly the speed of hair growth. · Zinc participates in the synthesis of keratin and collagen, which are important for the health of the skin and hair follicles. · Omega-3 and 6 are vital to maintain the structure and function of the skin. Omega-3s have anti-inflammatory action and are useful for managing allergic-type dermatological problems (atopy), dry or irritated skin, etc. Among the Omega-6, linoleic acid is responsible for maintaining the permeability of the skin barrier (hydration) and arachidonic acid regulates epidermal proliferation; a prolonged deficiency produces alopecia and other skin disorders. · Lecithin provides hydration and elasticity to the skin. Healthy skin directly influences the strength and growth of hair. Lecithin deficiencies can lead to loss of skin elasticity, dryness and flaking, and in the hair, increased matting, discoloration, increased shedding and poorer growth.

• Psyllium comes from the cuticle of the Plantago ovata seed, a plant very rich in fiber (85% soluble fiber) and mucilage, which give it its digestive properties. This fiber has a unique polysaccharide structure that makes it resistant to digestion and absorption in the stomach and small intestine, and to bacterial fermentation in the colon. Once in the digestive system, Psyllium absorbs a large amount of water and forms a gelatinous mass that hydrates and reduces the viscosity of feces, increasing its volume. The viscosity of feces is greatly affected by the amount of water in the fecal content. The high water retention capacity of Plantago ovata, up to 40 times its weight, greatly reduces the viscosity of feces. Consequently there is less resistance resulting in faster transit.

Psyllium also increases fecal mass (up to 3.7 g per gram consumed) and therefore the tension of the intestinal wall, stimulating peristalsis and therefore reducing constipation. At the same time, the mucilage forms a lubricating layer around the wall of the intestine that facilitates the transit of the contents intestinal without irritating its mucosa.

• Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) acidifies the urine thus increasing the solubility of struvite uroliths, preventing their formation and aggregation. Its acidifying capacity (it contains malic acid, citric acid and quinic acid) gives it additional antiseptic properties. It also contains proanthocyanidins that reduce the ability of pathogenic bacteria to adhere to the epithelium of the urinary tract, reducing urinary tract infections. It is also useful as a urinary deodorant by neutralizing ammonia.

Indications: The main indication is the prevention and elimination of hairballs (trichobezoars) by two mechanisms:

1) Dermatological action, which prevents excessive hair loss, and

2)Laxative action, which facilitates the expulsion of ingested hair. Also indicated, due to the laxative action of Psyllium, for the management of chronic constipation or in situations in which easy defecation with soft stools is desirable (painful defecation after surgery, tears or wounds, etc). Additionally, due to the acidifying and antimicrobial action of Cranberry, it helps prevent and control lower urinary tract conditions (FLUTD, struvite uroliths and urinary infections). Target Species: Cats. Safety: MULTIVA® Hairball is a very safe product with no side effects. Other products contain laxatives such as Vaseline or paraffin (oils derived from petroleum) whose frequent use can disturb the normal digestion of the cat, reduce the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K, and in the long term could lead to a deficiency of these. High doses of petroleum jelly or paraffin can cause loose stools or diarrhea. Dosage:

• Prevention (trichobezoars, chronic constipation and urinary tract conditions): 2 chews, once a day or divided into two doses (morning and night).

• Elimination of trichobezoars: 4 chews, twice a day for 2-4 days. Warnings: VetNova is a pioneer in the development of Chews technology to facilitate the administration of supplements to dogs and cats. Unlike tablets, capsules, etc., which are administered "forced" in the mouth to ensure the intake of the product, Chews must be administered freely in the feeder and let the pet take them voluntarily. Some shy cats and dogs may need a long time to fully accept them, but once they do, daily intake is easier and more satisfying. To facilitate initial acceptance, the following strategies can be used during the first week:

1) Reduce the dose and increase it progressively,

2) Divide the daily dose into two doses (morning and night),

3) Crush the chew and mix it with malt (cats), pate or any food attractive to the pet, etc. Store the container tightly closed, in a cool, dry place, protected from sunlight and out of reach of children and animals. Presentation: 45 Chews.


Un snacks fantástico

Mi gata tiene 15 años, es de pelo largo y éste snacks le deja le pelo suelto y fácil de peinar que ya es mucho, lleva varios años tomando 2 galletas al día, es difícil encontrar y con un precio alto pero pagas calidad y bienestar para mi compañera felina. Un 10

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Multiva Hairball Nutritional Supplement

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