JBL Novo Granomix With Click 250ml

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Basic food for professional feeding ideal for all kinds of ornamental fish from 6 to 15 cm . Heating allows the food to be more digestible, reducing water pollution. Contains more than 50 raw materials in 4 different granules.

Bottle with cap for dosage (1 click for 5 fish).

Composition: Cereals, Molluscs and crustaceans, fish and secondary fish by-products, secondary vegetable products, legumes, vegetable protein products, oils and fats.

The semi-floating behavior of the JBL GranoMix granule series is designed so that part of the granule floats and part sinks to the bottom of the aquarium . Depending on the distance at which the dosing bottle is placed, the behavior of the granules will be one or the other. If the application distance is greater (eg 15 cm), the granule takes less time to reach the bottom of the aquarium than if it is dropped from a shorter distance, so it floats and takes longer to reach the bottom of the aquarium. Thus the food is more adapted to the different behavior of aquarium fish. Fish with upper mouth position, such as Cyprinodontiformes, take food more at the surface. Species of fish with terminal mouths (such as scalar, neon) prefer to take food from the bottom of the tank, such as catfish. But this does not mean that they take the food only in the way described. It is just their natural way of taking in the food that they have developed through evolution. The Batoidea or Hipotremes (rays/mantas), which normally take their food from the bottom, learn very quickly that they can also take food from the surface.



Producto de calidad con un sistema de uso muy sencillo y cómodo. Recomendable


Comentario de Juan Carlos Lorenzo Lusquiños

Muy buen producto y a muy buen precio,lo recomiendo

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JBL Novo Granomix With Click 250ml

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