Nutribird B14 Food Parakeets

Nutribird B14 Pienso Periquitos
  • Nutribird B14 Pienso Periquitos
  • Nutribird B14 Pienso Periquitos
  • Nutribird B14 Pienso Periquitos

Nutribird B14 Food Parakeets


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Nutribird B14 Food Parakeets

Complementary pelleted food in the diet of lories and other frugivorous birds

Nutribird B 14 is a complete and balanced maintenance feed for parakeets and other parrots

It can also be used as a base food for lovebirds, neophemas and forpus. Likewise, it is an ideal supplement for the diet of lories and other frugivorous birds of similar size.

Nutribird B 14 is made with top quality ingredients, with a constant and scientifically proven formulation in the aviaries of VERSELE-LAGA and the main breeders. Selected cereals, fresh fruit and 50% millet are used in its manufacture.

Fully absorbable, no waste. Contains Florastimul, a substance that stimulates the intestinal flora and protects against digestive disorders.

If your bird is not used to pelleted food, the transition to this new diet will need to be gradual. If used as a complementary food, it can be administered immediately.

Antioxidants, preservatives and dyes

The format of the bag is 800g and 3kg


Main ingredients

seeds (millet 40%), cereals, derivatives of plant origin, fruits (fruit 5%), vegetables, oils and fats, minerals, clay, various sugars, algae, MOS, cassava.


Vitamin A 800 KIU/KG Vitamin D3 1650 IU/kg Vitamin E 90 IU/kg

Vitamin K3 3 mg/kg Vitamin B1 8 mg/kg Vitamin B2 17.50 mg/kg

Vitamin B6 6.50 mg/kg B-carotene 4.80 mg/kg Calcium D-pantothenate 22 mg/kg

Vitamin B12 0.03 mg/kg Vitamin C 55 mg/kg Niacin 90 mg/kg

Folic acid 1.65 mg/kg Biotin 0.29 mg/kg Choline chloride 670 mg/kg

Iodine 2.30 mg/kg Copper 11 mg/kg Manganese 110 mg/kg

Zinc 105 mg/kg Selenium 0.22 mg/kg


Proteins 14 % Fats 8% Ash 4.5% Calcium 0.9%

Phosphorus 0.6% Cellulose 5% Sodium 0.2%


Precio y calidad.

Precio y calidad. Ya tenéis un cliente


Muy buena opción.

La mejor opción para agapornis.

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1 Question(s) answered

  • Asked by a guest
    on 08/06/2020
    Que cantidad se le pone diario y sustituye la Mixtura o se le sigue dando mixtura Answer:
    Estimad@ Client@, Le recomendamos que si nunca ha comido este pienso, vaya adaptandole poco a poco, por ejemplo podría proporcionarle un comedero con un poco de este pienso y otro con un poco de mixtura. En cuanto se acostumbre podrá perfectamente sustituir la mixtura por este pienso ya que lo incluye en su composición. Otro consejo: Si no se lo come tal cual, puede probar a triturarlo un poco y hacerlo polvo. Un saludo
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Nutribird B14 Food Parakeets

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