Omniotic Ear Cleaning 120ml

Omniotic Limpieza de Oidos 120ml
  • Omniotic Limpieza de Oidos 120ml

Omniotic Ear Cleaning 120ml

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Omniotic Ear Cleaning 120ml

Neutralizes the acidity of the ear when there is otitis

Omniotic is the only routine ear cleaning liquid for dogs and cats that combines all the necessary characteristics to satisfy dog and cat owners, because it has a pleasant smell and quickly removes wax , and to satisfy veterinary clinicians, because It enhances ear treatments by means of a suitable pH for the action of antibiotics and antifungals , and has a strong liposolvent and soothing capacity for the epithelium.

Omniotic is thus the safest cleaner!

In what situations to use?

1. Routine: weekly or fortnightly

2. Unpleasant odor: daily for 8 days, then every 2-3 days until the situation is regularized

3. After the bath

4. After ear hair removal

5. Before applying an ear treatment product: Only 10 minutes before (to increase the pH, clean and enhance the action of the product to be applied later).

How to apply?

1. Raise the animal's ear to access the external auditory canal and stretch it

2. If there are any hairs to be removed, depilate before application

3. Insert the applicator into the ear parallel to the lateral portion of the animal

4. Place +/- 2ml

5. Massage the ear base (ouvindo crepitação) for less than 1 minute

6. Clean, removing earwax and loose debris

7. If cleaning is done at the clinic, the veterinarian can now observe the integrity of the eardrum with an otoscope: If there is rupture of the eardrum, it is obligatory to wash it with physiological saline afterwards.

If an oily product (non-water soluble, like Omniotic) or an irritant had been used, destruction of the epithelium of the middle ear would have occurred!

The container format is 120ml

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Omniotic Ear Cleaning 120ml

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