Orijen Cat & Kitten

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Orijen Cat & Kitten

Orijen Cat & Kitten


Orijen Cat & Kitten Complete food made with chicken meat, for cats and kittens of all breeds. BIOLOGICALLY APPROPRIATE FOR ALL STAGES OF LIFE FRESH FREE-RANGE CHICKEN, TURKEY,...
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Orijen Cat & Kitten

Complete food made with chicken meat, for cats and kittens of all breeds.



Cats are hunters and, like their wild relatives, their teeth, jaw and digestive system are fully adapted to meat-dense diets that are rich in fresh and varied meats.

With 40% richly nutritious protein and low-glycemic carbohydrates limited to 19%, ORIJEN feeds cats and kittens according to their evolutionary and biological needs.
Unmatched by any other cat or kitten food, ORIJEN is 2/3 of meats FRESH (refrigerated, no preservatives) or RAW (quick frozen, no preservatives), and includes the top 10 ingredients.
1/3 of fresh chicken, turkey and fish meats are carefully dehydrated at 90°C to create a concentrated source of nutritious protein that fresh meats alone cannot provide.
Nutrient-rich WholePrey™ ratios of fresh meats, organs and cartilage plus fresh whole fish and eggs provide a natural source of virtually every nutrient your cat or kitten needs.
A substantial addition of carefully freeze-dried liver enhances flavor and palatability naturally, making ORIJEN deliciously tasty, even for cats with the most discerning palates.


High protein, low carbohydrate ORIJEN matches the original feline diet and naturally promotes peak condition in cats and kittens of all breeds. A rich source of essential fatty acids from fresh fish, sunflower and flaxseed oils help support healthy skin and coat. Bridging the gap between good nutrition and total physical wellness, ORIJEN's selection of herbs match the original feline diet and help soothe, nourish and tone the digestive tract, support the liver and control insulin levels .

Cats are naturally carnivorous and have a biological need for a diet that is high in protein, rich in fresh meats and low in carbohydrates.

With the highest inclusions of fresh grain-fed chicken, wild-caught whitefish, and whole egg, ORIJEN Cats & Kittens is packed with the Human Consumption Grade protein (minimum 75%) that cats and kittens need – and none of the grains or inappropriate carbohydrates for felines.

Cats have an instinctive ability to select and consume the grasses and herbs that enhance their lives. With this in mind, ORIJEN CAT contains regional Canadian plants such as fenugreek, calendula, marshmallow root, milk thistle, all of which complement the natural feline diet and help soothe, nourish and tone the digestive tract, support the liver and control insulin levels.

Grain-free, ORIJEN for cats and kittens keeps carbohydrates to a minimum, with a variety of steamed fruits and vegetables (approximately 25%), rich in antioxidants, phytochemicals and enzymes that improve well-being and immunity. With chicken fat and sunflower, linseed, salmon and anchovy oils, rich in essential fatty acids and omega 6 and 3, such as DHA and EPA, to strengthen the immune system, nourish the skin and coat of your cat.

ORIJEN is a natural and delicious way to keep your cats and kittens healthy and strong, ensuring a long and healthy life, regardless of their age or breed.

ORIJEN's high-protein, low-carbohydrate formula mimics the original feline diet and perfectly nourishes your cats and kittens of all breeds. As an Origin Balance food, meat-based diets require a lower food intake, your cats and kittens will naturally eat less with ORIJEN than they would with conventional diets.conventional ents for cats.

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BODY WEIGHT AGE / grams and cups per day
  6-20 weeks 5-8month 8-10month 10-12month ADULT
1kg / 3lbs 55g - 13t 30g - ¼t 20g - ¼t 20g - ¼t 20g - ¼t
2kg / 6lbs 110g - ¾t 60g - ½t 45g - 1/3t 40g - 1/3t 30g - ¼t
3kg / 8lbs 165g - 1¼t 90g - ¾t 70g - ½t 60g - ½t 45g - 1/3t
4kg / 10lbs - 120g - 1t 95g - 2/3t 80g - 2/3t 55g - ½t
5kg / 12lbs - 150g - 1¼t 100g - ¾t 70g - 2/3t

Because each cat is different, their feeding requirements may vary with size, environment, age, and activity level.

Feed twice a day and always have fresh, clean water available. During your cat's pregnancy, increase feed by 10% at week 7, and 20% during weeks 8 and 9.

Located in the heart of Alberta's prairies, Champion is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality dog and cat food that has been exported worldwide since 1975. Unlike typical "meal and grain" foods, ORIJEN formulas start with fresh Canadian ingredients like grain-fed chicken and fresh whole egg, produced on local farms, fresh white fish from the depths of the frozen lakes of the Canadian North, salmon, blueberries and apples from the calm waters and orchards of the coast and the Pacific Ocean. Using low temperature (90oC) processing methods, we steam our fresh ingredients in small batches to preserve their natural flavor and goodness.

Its benefits:

ORIJEN formulas use fresh, farm-grown ingredients from the fertile prairies of Western Canada and fish from the cool northern lakes and clear waters of the Pacific.
ORIJEN meats are free of hormones and antibiotics and are processed under the highest standards of food processing in Canada.


Fresh chicken is the first ingredient in all ORIJEN foods, a superior source of high-quality protein. Our prairie chickens are grain-fed (no animal by-products) and free of hormones and antibiotics. Raised “free range” instead of controlled cages, our human-grade chicken meat is processed under Canada's highest food safety standards and arrives at our plant fresh – never frozen or desiccated.


Our lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis) are from the frigid depths of the ancient lakes of northern Alberta and Saskatchewan and arrive at our plant fresh – never frozen or dried. Rich in healthy omega 3 fatty acids – including DHA and EPA – the white fish contains more omega-3 fatty acids than pink or sockeye salmon. A member of the salmon family, lake white fish is native to Canada and is a superior source of protein in all ORIJEN foods. It is delicate, the white meat has a long, great-tasting fiber rich in phosphorus, selenium, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamins B6 and B12, magnesium, zinc, potassium and riboflavin.


As one of nature's most perfect foods, fresh eggs are an excellent source of easily digestible and highly palatable protein, with a complex natural combination of amino acids, perfectly suited for cats and dogs. Processed under the highest standards Canada's food safety and quality standards, the whole egg arrives fresh from Alberta producers - never frozen, never desiccated.

As one of the few foods that naturally contain Vitamin D (which enhances calcium's job in maintaining strong, healthy bones), the whole fresh egg is also rich in lutein and zeaxanthin = important carotenoids that are better absorbed from eggs than from other foods. plants like spinach or carrots.


The Alberta Natural Health Agricultural Network ANHAN represents Alberta's natural plant growers. Selected by certified holistic veterinarians, ORIJEN contains herbal formulas (groups of plants) that provide synergistic effects.

For example, marshmallow, radicchio, burdock, and psyllium are all sources of soluble fiber that combine to provide key nutritional benefits including:

Optimize bacterial populations

Promotes the health of the intestinal epithelium

Reduces postprandial insulin levels, especially in dogs

Marshmallow is also an anti-inflammatory that coats the mantle of the gastrointestinal tract and softens the epithelium of the respiratory tract, helping to stop coughing.


Flaxseed comes from the blue-flowered plant grown in the cool climate of the prairies of western Canada.

Canadian brown flaxseed is the favorite choice of consumers, the omega 3 fatty acids and fiber of flaxseed are nutrients that contribute to health.

OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS: About 42% of flaxseed is oil and more than 70% of that oil is polyunsaturated fat, a healthy fat. Flaxseed also contains 57% of the important omega-3 fatty acid ALA.

LIGNANS: Flaxseed is one of the richest plant sources of lignans. Lignans are phytoestrogens-components that have been shown in laboratory animal studies to help protect against certain types of cancer, particularly breast and colon cancer, by blocking tumor formation.


Main ingredients

Fresh chicken meat (18%)

Complementary Ingredients


Fresh turkey meat (7%), fresh whole eggs (5%), fresh chicken liver (5%), fresh whole sole (4%), fresh whole herring (4%), fresh turkey liver (4%) , fresh chicken heart (4%), fresh turkey heart (4%), fresh chicken neck (4%), chicken meat (dehydrated, 4%), turkey meat (dehydrated, 4%), whole mackerel (Dried, 4%), Whole Sardine (Dried, 4%), Whole Herring (Dried, 4%), Chicken Fat (3%), Red Lentils, Peas, Green Lentils, Chickpeas, Yellow Peas, Lentil Fiber, pinto beans, navy beans, chicken cartilage (dehydrated, 1%), herring oil (1%)

Functional Ingredients


Chicken liver (freeze dried), turkey liver (freeze dried), fresh pumpkin, fresh butternut squash, fresh zucchini, fresh parsnips, fresh carrots, fresh apples, fresh pears, fresh cabbage, fresh spinach, fresh beet greens, turnip greens fresh, brown kelp, whole cranberries, whole cranberries, whole saskatoon berries, chicory root, turmeric, milk thistle, burdock root, lavender, marshmallow root, rosehip.


Taurine 0.2% Choline Chloride 1200 mg/kg Magnesium 0.1%

Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E,

Selenium,  copper , Manganese,  iodine ,

Zinc, Iron.


Proteins 40% Fats 20% Fibers 3% Ashes 8% Calcium 1.4%

Phosphorus 1.1% 10 % Omega-3 1 % Omega-6 3.1%

Metabolizable Energy: kcal/kg

Opciones Nutricionales
Grain free
Ingredientes Principales
Dietas Específicas
Cachorro, Adulto, Senior +7años, Cualquier edad

Muy bueno

Se me ha olvidado añadir que he notado mucha diferencia en el pelo de mis gatas desde que toman este pienso: se les cae menos pelo, tienen mucho brillo y están mucho más suaves.


Muy bueno

Buen pienso, a mis gatas les gusta más que el Acana. Comprando el saco grande sale más rentable. La tienda genial, como siempre, muy formales.


Pienso de calidad

Buen pienso, a mis gatas les gusta mucho. El envío y la atención al cliente genial, como siempre.


Todo perfecto

Compro este pienso para mi suricata y le va perfecto, es ver que se lo pongo en su comedero y se lanza por él. Calidad y envío todo muy bien!


Lo comen desde hace años

Este pienso lo han estado comiendo muchos años nuestros huroncitos. Y estamos contentos porque les ha ido muy bien. Es un pienso de gran calidad. Sin duda se lo recomiendo a todo el que tenga gatos o hurones. No se arrepentira.


orijen gatos y gatitos

es uno de los mejores piensos para hurones, recomendado por mi veterinario


Este pienso es también para hurones

En un foro de hurones leí que el pienso de gatos de Orijen es muy bueno también para hurones porque es muy alto en proteína animal, lleva mucha carne y esto es lo que los hurones necesita en su alimentación, se lo compre y desde aquel día ya no cambio


Comentario de ana c diaz garcia

Este pienso me parece magnífico, tengo varios gatos y es el único que les gusta a todos, ya se que es algo caro pero me parece la alimentación y la salud van de la mano...


Comentario de svitlana Muravska

Es el mejor pienso de los que existen ahora en España.
es bastante caro pero se recompensa ,menos encuentros con el veterinario.
Mis animales-2 perros y 2 gatos estan muy contentos con la comida.


Comentario de Eva García Turnes

Mi gato persa de 16 años le detectamos insuficiencia renal, estaba tomando Senior de Virbac y hubo que pasarle a Royal Canin Renal y desde que cambió de pienso en marzo, tenía diarreas. Probé todo tipo de piensos hasta sin ser Renales y seguía con diarreas. Compré este pienso y desde agosto que lo toma está muy bien y eso que el pienso tiene sobre 1,5 de fósforo.
Los gatos son carnivoros, los piensos no tienen porque llevar cereales, los gatos son alérgicos a estos y de difícil digestión.
Sin duda el mejor producto que hay y con carnes aptas para el consumo humano.

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1 Question(s) answered

  • Asked by Cristina
    on 07/18/2022
    Mi gato tiene 11 meses , y está esterilizado desde hace 4. De pequeñito le daba Arion kitten, pero el veterinario me aconsejó pienso para esterilizados , Nature variety .lo comía , sin ganas . Compre orijen fit & trim también sin ganas … le podría dar cat & kitten ? pesa 3,500 y es bastante grande . Answer:
    Buenos días, se le puede dar el Orijen Cat & Kitten, pero tiene que tener en cuenta que es un pienso calórico y es posible que si el gato no es muy activo, pueda ocasionarle sobrepeso, nosotros le recomendamos que intente con algún pienso para gatos esterilizados ya que evitaran este tipo de problemas, un saludo
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