Pack 6 Multicolored Balls for Cats

Pack 6 Pelotas Multicolor para Gatos
  • Pack 6 Pelotas Multicolor para Gatos

Pack 6 Multicolored Balls for Cats

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Pack 6 Multicolored Balls for Cats

Cats are very active animals and always want to play. The cat needs to satisfy its hunting instinct. By playing, they put their coordination and muscle strength into practice for future predatory activity.

Being domesticated, he can only practice it through play.

Games make them fit, happy and less stressed from the daily monotony.

Kittens also need this activity as part of their education. The game gives them the ability to interact with each other, with people and with other animals.

It gives them security and allows them to acquire the necessary skills to exercise vital tasks for survival in natural conditions, such as stalking and hunting.

In cats, two types of games are observed: social ones, that is, with other members of the family, and individual ones. Social play activity (with his siblings and his mother) begins very early, approximately four weeks of age, coinciding with the beginning of weaning and the complete development of smell, sight and hearing.

We all know that by satisfying the hunting instinct with specific toys for cats we tend to keep our pet healthy for a long time.

It is recommended that cat games not be:

Games where their aggressiveness is stimulated , since it can end up causing injuries to people who live in the house, such as children or the elderly of the family. With cats it is preferable to play using a prey-type toy (mouse, bird, etc.)

To stimulate it: never make the cat catch the hands, feet or ankles, because then it can continue doing it even if the owner is not playing and end up hurting him.

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Pack 6 Multicolored Balls for Cats

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