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PACK Orijen Adult + Seresto Antiparasitic Collar 70cm

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ORIJEN ADULT New Improved Formula!!! By nature, all dogs are facultatively carnivorous, they thrive on a varied diet of meats with amounts more...

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New Improved Formula!!!

By nature, all dogs are facultatively carnivorous, they thrive on a varied diet of meats with smaller amounts of fruits, vegetables and plants, and are biologically adapted to process protein as an energy source.

Biologically suitable for all races!

Meat of
human consumption
15 %
Natural fruits, vegetables and plants

High in protein and without excess carbohydrates, ORIJEN ADULT's grain-free formula reproduces the same rich and diverse balance of meats, fruits, vegetables and plants that dogs would find in a pristine setting.

Developed to match the original canine diet, ORIJEN has the highest Human Consumption Grade meat inclusions (85%) including fresh chicken, fresh Northern white fish, and fresh whole eggs, all cooked at low temperatures.

Completely grain free, ORIJEN instead contains a healthy selection of regional fruits, vegetables and natural plants (15%) rich in important nutraceuticals to promote growth and development.

A slight contribution of flaxseed and salmon oils provide the ideal balance of essential fatty acids to improve immunity while nourishing the skin and coat.

Copying the natural canine diet, with natural Canadian plants (including nettle, milk thistle, taffy, burdock and soda root) that tone and nourish the digestive tract, optimize nutrient absorption and improve the dog's vitality.

Read our ingredients, we think you will agree with us: ORIJEN with Orijen Balance is a natural and delicious formula to ensure a long and healthy life for your dog.

Fresh chicken meat (13%), fresh turkey meat (7%), fresh whole eggs (7%), fresh chicken liver (6%), fresh whole herring (6%), Liver (5%), neck fresh chicken (4%), fresh chicken heart (4%), fresh turkey (4%), chicken (dehydrated, 4%), turkey (dehydrated, 4%, 4%), whole sardine (dehydrated, 4% ), whole herring (dehydrated, 4%), whole red lentils, whole green lentils, whole peas, lentil fiber, whole chickpeas, whole peas, herring oil (1%), chicken fat (1%), cartilage of Chicken (1%), Chicken Liver (Freeze Dried), Turkey Liver (Freeze Dried), Fresh Whole Pumpkin, Fresh Whole Pumpkin Fresh Whole Carrots, Fresh Carrots, Fresh Whole Delicious Red Apples, Fresh Whole Bartlett Pears, Fresh Kale , fresh spinach, fresh beet greens, fresh turnip greens, brown seaweed, whole blueberries, whole cranberries, whole saskatoon berries, Turmer chicory root C root, burdock root, lavender, marshmallow root, rose hips, enterococcus faecium.

ADDITIVES (per kg): Nutritional additives: Zinc chelate: 100 mg.

Botanical inclusions:
Melocha Root 500 mg/kg, Milk Thistle 200 mg/kg, Chicory 500 mg/kg, Summer Savory 150 mg/kg, Stinging Nettle 400 mg/kg, Chickweed 150 mg/kg, Burdock Root 350 mg/kg, Fennel 300 mg/kg, Calendula 300 mg/kg, Chamomile 300 mg/kg

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude protein (min.) 38%

Fat content (min.) 18%
Raw ash (max.) 8%
Crude fibers (maximum) 5%
Humidity (max) 12%
Calcium (min.) 1.4%
Phosphorus (min.) 1.1%
Omega-6 fatty acids (min.) 3%
Omega-3 fatty acids (min.) 1%
DHA (min.) 0,3%
EPA (min.) 0.2%
Glucosamine (min.) 1400mg/kg
Chondroitin sulfate (min.) 1200 mg/kg

Calorie content and distribution:
Orijen Adult contains 4,200 kcal/kg, with 45% energy from protein, 25% from fruits and vegetables, and 30% from fat.

nutritional guarantee
Orijen is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established in the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages.

Feeding Guide:

ORIJEN ADULT is ideal for dogs of any size and of all breeds. Expect to feed your dog substantially less than other commercial dog foods and after the initial transition, your dog will have smaller, firmer, odorless stools.

Just like people, every dog is different so feeding requirements vary with environment, age and activity. Check your dog's weight and adjust the ration as required. Feed twice a day and always have fresh, clean water available. PREGNANCY: Increase feed by 10% in week 7 and 20% during weeks 8 and 9. LACTATION: Increase feed by 50% and feed 3-4 times daily.

ORIGIN | Like no other food!

Check out the trend of “holistic” or “super premium” foods, which are regularly high in carbohydrates, low in protein and offer trendy ingredients – usually just for consumer appeal, rather than for the health benefits they should provide to consumers. your pet.

ORIJEN is a new direction in pet nutrition, with the balance of origin.

The concept of source balance is simple: it includes the whole, fresh ingredients that cats and dogs naturally evolved to eat (in the right proportion and amount) and excludes ingredients like cereal grains that are inappropriate in their diet.

ORIJEN formulas are high protein, low carbohydrate and grain free.

They contain fresh ingredients in the biologically appropriate proportion of; 85% meat, 15% fruits and vegetables and ZERO grains (70/30/0).

ORIJEN provides the ultimate in nutrition for your dog or cat, matching the diets nature designed to feed them.

Quite simply, there is no better dry pet food anywhere at any price.

Tamaño de la raza
Pequeño (-10kg), Mediano (10-25kg), Grande (25-45kg), Gigante (+45kg), Cualquier tamaño
Opciones Nutricionales
Grain free
Ingredientes Principales

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PACK Orijen Adult + Seresto Antiparasitic Collar 70cm

ORIJEN ADULT New Improved Formula!!! By nature, all dogs are facultatively carnivorous, they thrive on a varied diet of meats with amounts more...

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