Pedigree beef and liver terrine 300gr

Pedigree beef and liver terrine 300gr

Pedigree beef and liver terrine 300gr


Pedigree Beef and Liver Tub 300g  Pedigree wet dog food ox tub 300gr Dogs love meat. If only by smelling it and they go crazy! You like to give him what he enjoys the most, but only...
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Pedigree Beef and Liver Tub 300g


 Pedigree wet dog food ox tub 300gr

Dogs love meat. If only by smelling it and they go crazy! You like to give him what he enjoys the most, but only if it is also of quality. Pedigree tubs contain more meat than any other ingredient and that's why he likes them so much. They are also of the best quality since the origin of the meat is 100% guaranteed. So he is happy and you calm. For your dog to enjoy each day in a different way, Pedigree tubs are available in a wide variety of recipes, textures and formats. You can give them as a main meal or mix them with the feed. It is advisable to incorporate them into your diet gradually so that you get used to your new diet.

For dogs who like to find plenty of tasty bits in a juicy sauce, our wet foods provide the complete and balanced nutrition they need. You can choose between easy-to-serve tins or tubs, with a wide variety of recipes for satis>

Recommended daily amount: The individual needs of each dog may vary according to other factors such as breed, level of physical activity and climatic conditions. 

The recommended daily amounts, indicated in the table, are only indicative, they correspond to the average daily needs. 

Most dogs take a while to adjust to a change in their diet. When you start giving him PEDIGREE® do it gradually over a period of 5 days. Serve at room temperature. Always leave plenty of fresh water available to your dog. 

User guide

dog weight  tubs / day 

5kg  1 1/2  10kg  2 15kg  3  

Selection of pâtés

At Pedigree® we love to see dogs enjoy their food, while taking care of their health and well-being. 

For this reason, in each tub of Pedigree® there is a perfect balance of healthy and natural ingredients, which provide quality nutrition, for your health, and also a superior flavor that your dog will enjoy every day. 

They are prepared with quality ingredients that provide them with the nutrients and energy they need. They contain delicious pieces of meat that adapt to the size of their jaws.

Available in different varieties so you can enjoy a different flavor every day. In addition, the Pedigree® tubs are the ideal food to combine with the feed, you can mix them in the same feeder or give them separately.

Pedigree individual servings are the perfect food for your dog. In a single serving you can find the perfect balance of vitamins, fiber and protein you need.

With the individual portions of Pedigree your dog will enjoy each meal and you will enjoy watching him eat.   


- Composition: meat and animal by-products (45% in total, including 4% beef and 4% liver), cereals, fish and fish by-products, mineral substances, by-products of vegetable origin (0.5% dehydrated sugar beet pulp), oils and fats (0.5% sunflower oil).

- Analytical constituents: protein (7%), fat content (6%), inorganic matter (2.3%), crude fibers (0.6%), moisture (81%), calcium (0.3 mg).

- Nutritional additives per kg: vitamin D3 (150 IU), vitamin E (alpha-tocopherols) (50 mg), anhydrous calcium iodate (0.39 mg), cupric sulfate pentahydrate (5.7 mg), iron sulfate monohydrate (10 mg ), manganese sulfate monohydrate (5.6 mg), zinc sulfate monohydrate (107 mg).

- Technological additives: cassia gum (3500 mg).

Tamaño de la raza
Pequeño (-10kg), Mediano (10-25kg), Grande (25-45kg), Gigante (+45kg), Cualquier tamaño
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Pedigree beef and liver terrine 300gr

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