Seachem Phosguard Control of Phosphates and Silicates

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Phosguard Control de Fosfatos y Silicatos
  • Phosguard Control de Fosfatos y Silicatos
  • Phosguard Control de Fosfatos y Silicatos

Seachem Phosguard Control of Phosphates and Silicates


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Phosguard rapidly removes phosphates and silicates from freshwater and marine aquariums. Not recommended for phosphate buffered freshwater aquariums. It is a highly porous product to offer a great absorption capacity and is molded in a spherical shape to achieve an optimal water current. It works better than all competing products.

Thanks to its spherical shape, it optimizes the flow of water through the filter medium to the maximum . Granular phosphate removers can become compacted, rapidly losing effectiveness. Those elements that do not come into contact with water cannot properly fulfill their function.

It is the only spherical phosphate remover on the market based on the action of aluminum oxide.


Removes silicate and phosphate
Spherically shaped for optimal hydrodynamics
Fixation of phosphates and silicates

Instructions for use

Use a 100ml bag for every 120 litres. For best results, it should be located in a place with maximum water flow. It can be located in bottle filters, box filters or in the area where more water passes through external filters. It is necessary to place this product inside a filter bag.

After 4 days of use, measure the concentrations of phosphates and silicates. If the concentration of the component you are trying to lower is not above 0.02 mg/l, you should replace PhosGuard , if it is above this concentration, leave the product in place until it rises again.

As long as we can control these low concentrations, the product will not run out. Each 100ml of the product treats about 120 liters of water, depending on the initial concentration of phosphates or silicates and the amount of biological load.

An overdose is not recommended. it does not return phosphates or silicates to the water, and can be removed, rinsed and installed in the aquarium until it is exhausted. Using small amounts intermittently is more beneficial than using large amounts of the product.


It can generate heat when contacting water for the first time. Rinse the product first in double the equivalent volume of water (eg 250ml of the product in 500ml of water).

Format, 100, 250ml and 1 liter

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Seachem Phosguard Control of Phosphates and Silicates

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