Natural Platinum Adult Lamb & Rice

Platinum natural Adult Lamb & Rice
  • Platinum natural Adult Lamb & Rice

Natural Platinum Adult Lamb & Rice

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Food for adult dogs made with 70% fresh chicken meat. This particularity makes it similar in taste and quality to what a wolf would take in nature.

Only meat suitable for human consumption is used in its formula. The croquettes that are usually available on the market are made with a high proportion of cereals and a low concentration of flour of animal origin, which is why Platinum includes up to 70% fresh meat flour.

The whole pieces of meat are minced, mixed with the other ingredients and cooked in their own juices at a temperature never higher than 95º C.

Vitamins and other nutrients sensitive to heat are added to the mixture when the product is at room temperature, with which we guarantee its stability and availability for the animal.

Our product is widely accepted by dogs of all breeds. Our exclusive manufacturing process provides great palatability , exceptional flavor and great nutritional quality, taking special care of all heat-sensitive nutrients so that they maintain all their properties, also enhancing their assimilation .

The exclusive way of preparing the product means that the food is digested very quickly, so the time it remains in the stomach is very short, thus the nutrients are quickly absorbed by the intestine. This feature prevents the much feared torsion of the stomach in large breed animals.

Suitable for dogs sensitive to genetically modified foods, as all our ingredients are free of GMO (genetically modified foods)

Platinum foods are cooked in their own juices over low heat . With 18% residual moisture, PLATINUM is a dry but very juicy food that your dog will love.

Natural product


    • 02.png healthy joints

    • 03.png High digestibility

    • 07.png Health hair and skin

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08.png gut health

  • 17.png Hypoallergenic

Format, 5Kgs bag


Fresh lamb meat (70%), rice, lamb fat, lamb meal, dried fish, salmon oil, dried apple, dried brewer's yeast, cold pressed flax fat, cold pressed olive oil, extract of green lipped mussel, milk thistle seed, fennel, sarsaparilla root, artichoke, wild celery, nasturtium, chamomile, dandelion, gentian, yucca, potassium chloride.

Analytical composition

Protein 23%, fat 11%, ash 7.9%, fiber 2%, calcium 1.8%, phosphorus 1.3%, moisture 18% (concentrated juice of the meat itself)


Vitamin A10000 IE, Vitamin D3 1600 IE, Vitamin E 150mg, Vitamin K1 2mg, Vitamin B1 3mg, Vitamin B2 4mg, Vitamin B6 4mg, Vitamin B12 40mcg, Niacin 20mg, Pantothenic Acid 8mg, Folic Acid 300mcg, Biotin 100mcg, Choline 500mg, manganese 90mg, iodine 1.5mg, cobalt 1mg, zinc 190mg, copper 19mg, iron 75mg

Preserved with natural potassium and vitamin-based antioxidants such as tocopherol, it contains natural extracts.

Tamaño de la raza
Pequeño (-10kg), Mediano (10-25kg), Grande (25-45kg), Gigante (+45kg), Cualquier tamaño
Ingredientes Principales

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Natural Platinum Adult Lamb & Rice

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