Powersun Mercury Vapor Focus emits UVA and UVB Heat

Powersun Mercury Vapor Focus emits UVA and UVB Heat

Powersun Mercury Vapor Focus emits UVA and UVB Heat

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Powersun Mercury Vapor Focus emits UVA and UVB Heat ZOOMED

PowerSun UV Powersun UV is a mercury vapor lamp .

It is the only lamp that emits UVA, UVB, visible light and heat radiation . Its use requires a ceramic lamp holder and it is recommended to replace them once a year. It is available in two wattages, 100W and 160W , and your choice depends on the heat and UV requirements of the reptile, and the distances from the lamp to it.
It is ideal for iguanas, chameleons, turtles...
Along with temperature, lighting is one of the key points to succeed in keeping reptiles in captivity . As with the rest of the sections, the type of lighting in the terrarium will depend on the type of animal and more specifically on the species that we are going to house. While for most invertebrate amphibians light plays a secondary role, for reptiles it is paramount.

The objective is to offer the animal a full spectrum of light that is made up of visible light, UVA radiation and UVB radiation .
- Type A ultraviolet radiation stimulates appetite, reproduction and behavior in general. In addition, it has been observed that reptiles and amphibians are able to see this UVA radiation, using it to select a mate, recognize their own species, delimit territories with chemical marks that shine at UVA, etc.
- Type B ultraviolet radiation is essential in part of the vitamin D3 synthesis process. This intervenes in the functioning of the immune system, in the fertility of the female... and is responsible for the regulation of calcium metabolism, so a lack of UVB and vitamin D3 has serious consequences, one of them being MBD or disease bone metabolism.

ZOOMED lamps, in addition to visible light, emit UVA and UVB.

The photoperiod (alternating hours of light and darkness in a day) is another element to take into account since in many species it is decisive, for example, for their reproduction. Simply with a timer that regulates the daily hours of light, which we will increase or decrease depending on the annual season, we can establish it.

Make sure you choose the correct lamp:

The 160 Watt Powersun UV Lamp is designed for large sized terrariums and veterinary use. The 100-watt lamp is more suitable for medium-sized terrariums. Be sure to provide enough space for the animal to allow a minimum distance of 30cm (12 inches) from the lamp surface, as well as provide a thermal and UV gradient within the terrarium.

To use the 100 watt PowerSun lamp, the terrarium must be at least 150 liters in size.

To use the 160 watt lamp, the terrarium must be at least 225 liters in size.

If the lamp is going to be installed inside the terrarium, the minimum size for the 100- watt device must be 350 liters and for the 160-watt device, 450 liters (minimum recommendations 120 x 50 x 60).


one-Thanks to the integrated ballast device, ZooMed PowerSun can be used in any E27 lamp with a ceramic holder. Likewise, the projector is equipped with a thermal fuse that prevents the filament from melting by disconnecting the lamp.

2. The PowerSun UV lamp has an internal overheat protection mechanism that does not allow the lamp to reset for up to 15 minutes if it was on. In other words, if you turn it off and then on, it won't light up again until the switch is reset (usually around 15 minutes). Please ensure this is not the case before returning your lamp to Zoo Med.



Bombilla muy duradera y de grandes propiedades

La bombilla PowerSun UV para reptiles es la más eficaz para tener en un terrario, le aporta a nuestros reptiles todo lo que necesita, tanto luz (imitando a la luz solar) fundamental para los reptiles, así como el calor. Aun siendo un poco cara merece la pena ya que duran bastante más que otras que he probado, que son menos eficaces y dura menos tiempo. Muchas gracias por ser tan eficaces en los pedidos.

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Powersun Mercury Vapor Focus emits UVA and UVB Heat

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