Pyrethron Spot-on pipettes 1ml less than 15kg

Pipetas Piretrón Spot-on 1ml menos de 15kg
  • Pipetas Piretrón Spot-on 1ml menos de 15kg

Pyrethron Spot-on pipettes 1ml less than 15kg


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Pyrethron Spot-on pipettes 1ml less than 15kg

The Pyrethron Spot-on 1ml pipettes are for dogs less than 15kg (from 1.5kg to 15kg)

Piretron pipettes are an effective antiparasitic for complete protection and prevention of Leishmaniasis and all external parasites of the dog.

PIRETRON is a powerful external antiparasitic for the control and treatment of mosquitoes, sandflies, fleas, ticks and lice in dogs.

Pyrethron Spot-on Pipettes 1ml

Its active ingredient is Permethrin with a very high concentration of 65%. With repellent and insecticide action. It spreads rapidly and its insecticidal effect is immediate.

Protection period of 4 weeks after the application of the product.

PIRETRON has a repellent and insecticide effect on flying insects. Repels sandflies and mosquitoes, avoiding their bites. Prevents the transmission of diseases in dogs such as Leishmaniasis.

PIRETRON is an effective product for the prevention of leishmaniasis

PIRETRON eliminates and repels ticks. Reduces the risk of transmission of infectious diseases caused by this parasite.

Tick prevention and treatment

PIRETRON eliminates and repels fleas, thus preventing their bites and reducing the risk of allergy to flea bites and the diseases they carry.

Flea Prevention and Treatment

PIRETRON eliminates and repels lice, preventing pediculosis (lice infestation). Lice infestation is the least frequent and harmful, but it causes discomfort in the infested animal.

Lice prevention and treatment



PIRETRON is formulated with Permethrin at a very high concentration of 65%. Thanks to this low volume/high concentration formulation:

The active substance diffuses quickly to achieve an immediate insecticidal effect.

It is very toxic to insects but safe for the dog.

What is Permethrin?

Permethrin is a sodium channel blocker, which causes paralysis of nerve impulse transmission causing paralysis and death of the parasite.

PYRETRON activity is topical. The insecticide action is carried out by direct contact between the insect and the active ingredient.

Without risks for the health of the dog, the medicine is not absorbed through the skin, it stays on the surface.

Safe for puppies from two weeks of age, pregnant females and lactating females.

Do not apply to cats.


PIRETRON® pipettes prevent canine Leishmaniasis. They have a powerful repellent effect against the sandfly mosquito, the main transmitter of Leishmaniasis.

Treatment should be applied during the months when the disease-carrying sandfly is active.

Leishmaniasis is a seasonal and endemic disease of dogs.

Preventive treatment is paramount: In endemic areas where prevention should be a common practice

For dogs that travel with their owners in hot seasons to endemic areas.

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Pyrethron Spot-on pipettes 1ml less than 15kg

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