Rodenticide QM BR Fresh Bait

Raticida QM BR Cebo Fresco
  • Raticida QM BR Cebo Fresco

Rodenticide QM BR Fresh Bait

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Rodenticide QM BR Fresh Bait


Product with fulminant action against rats and mice. It produces 100% mortality and is effective at the first intake.

The ingredients that make up the bait are very appetizing for rodents to eliminate, they perceive it from quite a distance with which the effectiveness is guaranteed.

The effects are guaranteed from the first bite, although you have to wait 48 hours for them to be visible . This is so that the rest of the rodents to be eliminated do not distrust the bait and continue eating it.


The bait is presented in small individual pieces inside the package . It is composed of very appetizing vegetable fats for rodents.

At low temperatures, the product can harden , even improving its palatability , this is due to the need of rodents to chew something hard to wear down their teeth.


The rodenticide action is on the animal's circulatory system, causing internal bleeding until death.

t-weight:normal;">Effective against the gray rat and house mouse.


Format, package of 150gr. or 1kg

How to use

Deposit the bait in the frequented or nesting places of the rodents inside a bait holder for safety.

Place the necessary amount according to the abundance and frequency of rodents. What is consumed by rodents must be replaced for 3 consecutive days.

The minimum distance between the dwelling and the bait of half a meter must be respected.



Mice, bait tray with 50grs of product every 5-10m2

Rats, baits with a maximum of 100grs. of product every 5-10m2



The bait should not be removed from the packaging in which it comes, it should be placed as is in the bait holder. It must be placed in such a way that it is not accessible by children. and other pets for which it is not intended. Keep away from places where there are food, feed or places where they are prepared.

Check every 3 or 4 days their condition and replace them if necessary. Do not use without bait holder




Bromadiolone 0.0029%, excipients csp 100%

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Rodenticide QM BR Fresh Bait

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