Plant Care Scissors 30cm Hobby

Plant Care Scissors 30cm Hobby

Plant Care Scissors 30cm Hobby


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Plant Care Scissors 30cm Hobby

These scissors are a must for aquatic plant care and terrarium plant care.

These scissors are special for pruning aquarium and terrarium plants. With its 30cm measurement, you will not need to put your whole arm inside the aquarium to prune our plants and making it easier to reach places that are more difficult to cut.

Its shape will give a cut that facilitates the healing of the stems. Minimizes damage to plants with its well-sharpened structure. Everything you need to make clean and comfortable incisions to the soles.

With these scissors you can easily remove dead parts and trim roots and plants properly, all without causing damage to the plants. You will also have to help yourself with an aquarium clamp at times

They are semi-curved at the end. Stainless steel.

Remember to have sharp blades for your best cut of the stems. Scissors are an essential tool for any planted aquarium as we regularly cut plants to keep their shape and facilitate growth.

With a measure of 30cm.

How to take care of aquarium plants like a professional

With the Hobby Aquaristik products you will have very easy to take care of your aquarium plants, this German brand gives you a wide variety of high-end products for your aquariums and terrariums.

Contrary to tropical vegetable waters, tap water has large nutrient gaps. Many important plant nutrients and trace elements are missing or removed from the water during treatment at the waterworks. However, if even one nutrient is missing, plant growth stops or the plants die (Liebig's Law of the Minimum). To ensure healthy plant growth in the aquarium, the nutrient gaps in the tap water must be filled and supplemented, so that the tap water becomes good aquarium water.

Under the HOBBY Aquaristik brand, we offer integral fertilizer, basic fertilizer, soil fertilizer, ferrous fertilizer as liquid and granulated fertilizer, CO2 fertilizer and complementary fertilizer for the most different types of aquariums. In this way, aquariums with fish that burrow in the ground, already installed aquariums, as well as aquariums that require plants with a special iron requirement or that prefer acidic soil can be optimally supplied.

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Plant Care Scissors 30cm Hobby

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