Seachem Discus Buffer Ph Regulator

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Seachem Discus Buffer Regulador de Ph
  • Seachem Discus Buffer Regulador de Ph

Seachem Discus Buffer Ph Regulator


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Discuss Buffer helps to reproduce the ideal environment for Discus fish, lowers the Ph and lowers the GH (General Hardness).

The properties of this product lower the Ph and keep it low and stable over time . It also softens water by precipitating calcium and magnesium. Use this product to restore the correct level of trace minerals required to keep Discus healthy and happy.

Neutral Regulator and Discus Buffer products can be used in combination to achieve proper pH when doing complete water changes or adding tap water.

The dosage chart on the back of the label is designed for use with reverse osmosis water because it lacks buffering capacity.


Adjust the Ph between 5.8 - 6.8
Helps replicate the ideal Discus environment
Use with Neutral Regulator to maintain ideal Ph

Instructions for use

Use one teaspoon (7 g) per 40–80 L of aquarium water per day until proper Ph level is reached. Use once a month or when changing the water, as needed, to keep the pH stable. To raise the pH of the aquarium water use Neutral Regulator .

To achieve proper Ph, use in combination with Neutral Regulator per chart. This chart provides for the use of water without conditioners (RO or DI). If the water is pre-conditioned, use the chart as a starting guide.

Contains traces of phosphates and conditioning agents. This product can only be used in aquariums. Keep away from children. 250 grams treat 1,600–3,000 L

Format, 250grs and 1 kilogram

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Seachem Discus Buffer Ph Regulator

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