Seachem Reef Iodide Supplement for Aquariums

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Seachem Reef Iodide Suplemento para Acuarios
  • Seachem Reef Iodide Suplemento para Acuarios

Seachem Reef Iodide Supplement for Aquariums


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Reef Iodide is a concentrated (8,000 mg/L) stabilized source of potassium iodide for reef aquaria that will restore and maintain iodide levels to those found in natural seawater. It is formulated to provide a safe source of iodide that does not convert to toxic-free iodine under storage or reef conditions. Iodine is as toxic as chlorine and should never be used in a reef system. However, iodide is just as safe as chloride.

Most iodine supplements on the market are simply potassium iodide or a medicinal disinfectant commonly known as Lugol's Solution. Lugol's is a highly concentrated iodine/iodine solution that is highly toxic and intended for disinfection. Although such products are sold for use in reef aquariums, we believe the risks far outweigh any minor potential benefits.

Products containing only potassium iodide are a safer alternative but are not very effective alone due to the unstable nature of iodide in the aquarium environment. When added to an aquarium environment, iodide becomes unstable becoming elemental iodine (which is biocidal), iodate (which is useless to corals, toxic at high levels and cannot be analyzed), and iodide, which is the only form of iodine available to corals for uptake. The inherent instability of these products makes them potentially dangerous to coral health.

Reef Iodide has been formulated with a stabilizing compound to keep it in the iodide form when added to the aquarium. The entire product remains usable and completely bioavailable.


s" lang="en"> Stabilized source of potassium iodide
Safe and easy to use
Important for soft tissue growth

Instructions for use

BEGINNER: Add 5 mL (1 capful) per 200 L every other day.

ADVANCED: Add 1 mL per 80 L daily to raise iodide by 0.10 mg/L. If necessary, adjust amount so iodide reads 0.06-0.08 mg/L 6-12 hours after last amount. Thereafter, use this amount daily and check the iodide twice a month.

EXPERT: After determining the rate of iodide consumption, set up a continuous drip system. Use the following formula to determine how much to add to the top water: m = 0.125vi (m = ml of product to add to the top of the water, v = tank volume in liters, i = amount to raise iodide in mg /L). For example, if you want to increase the iodide by 0.10 mg/L in a 200 liter tank, then you would add 0.125x200x0.10 = 2.5 mL to the top water.

Notes: It is normal for iodide levels to drop after a few days. This results from chemical utilization and depletion. Therefore, the amount and/or frequency of use can be varied. The amount used can be adjusted based on the response of the coral. To check iodide levels, use Seachem's Iodine & Iodide MultiTest Kit.

s" lang="en"> Components

Potassium iodide

Analytical composition

Iodine 8mg

Format, 100, 250, 500ml, 2 and 4 liters

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Seachem Reef Iodide Supplement for Aquariums

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